Monster chests

I have a general question about the monster chests. My fiance and I have been playing for about 3 months now. She has gotten a chest for almost every color where you have to get 150 of that color instead of the regular 100 with the regular chest. Are they random like everything else cause I haven’t gotten 1? Just wondering.

They’re random. I spent six months getting one per month, then had one a week for the last five weeks. I expect them to get rarer for me again very shortly.

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I just got one after two months of nothing.

Random random random… :wink:

I’ve gotten two of the awesome chests within a week once before, but usually it’s one every 2-3 weeks. Supposedly it helps to use gems and hurry through wanted chests, but usually I’m too stingy with gems to do much of that. Maybe use a gem or two just to get the timing of wanted chests at a preferred time of day.

The rare elemental chests always make for a happy day!

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Yeah but I’m saying I haven’t even gotten 1. It’s like the random has avoided me like the plaque. LOL

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Just finished a Holy chest today! Great loot too! It’s been a month or so since my last one and it was a Holy chest as well.

Looking forward to the next one! Also 12-9 is all yellow so that helped make this a quick one too!


Are Mystic Rings the 5* Holy ascension item? So in general are we getting the corresponding items for that color? I’ve only had 3 color specific chests in 3 months, and I can’t recall what items came from them.

Nah, rings are for reds. Darts for holy heroes. Good stinking roll though, very nice. :smile:

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Figures I have 3 Rings and no 5* Red Heroes.

They may be random, but I believe there to be a requirement to fill chests in order to trigger them (and then it’s random when they show up). Like, if you aren’t filling the normal chests frequently then it will take longer.

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Is there any way they can make it more available?

Can they? yes
Will they? No way

Me no know. “Mongo only pawn in game of life…” :grin:

(The game is run by the game makers. Sometimes things are held back for balance, though I don’t know if that is or isn’t the case here.)

I have a question regarding monsters chest:

Is there any relation between quality of the loot inside the chest (not the loot after defeating level) and the strengths of the monsters defeated?
I’ve always grind season 1-8.7 on autoplay when I need to fill up my monsters chest… and have been getting almost nothing but food, iron, gems and some emblems.

No, there is no relation.

Monster chests are designed to only have a slim chance for really good loot.(around 1% 4*, 2% 3* ascencion items; less than 1% epic hero token, 2% Epic troop token) And this makes sense, because you can open them so regularly.

Still it is very important to open as many chests as possible, because you also get your next elemental chest sooner.

Hence grinding on s1, 8-7 does make sense then.
3 WE and most of the time 1-2 1* or 2* heroes recruited.

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