Monster chest reward didn't appear

Is it possible that monster chest reward didn’t appear and I get nothing?

I’ve killed 100 monsters using loot ticket because I was in hurry but at the end when I clicked on the chest with 100/100, window with rewards didn’t show up nor I am offered to confirm it with “Claim” - simply nothing!

OK, I am aware that recently rewards are awful but that doesn’t mean that almost nothing should become real nothing!

So please, at least stop deny us with this minor rewards…


It’s possible that something in the UI went awry, and you got loot but missed the popup window.

Unfortunately, given that Monster Chest loot is often lackluster, I’m not sure you’d even be able to tell if you take a look at your inventory.

Someone had a similar circumstance a few days ago with War loot, where they got it (nothing exciting), but the window didn’t seem to show:

It’s possible that happened in your case too.

The Support website topic on this seems to say the same thing too:

But if something else is going on, I think there’s a decent chance it would be specific to your account, so my suggestion is you #contact-support, since no one on the forum handles account issues (staff included):



Unfortunately I couldn’t see it in my inventory because I visit inventory rarely and when I looked there was more than 40 new items so I was unable to determinate whether I receive reward and UI messed something or I didn’t receive at all.

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I suspected that wouldn’t be a great way to check, even though it’s the official recommendation. Even if you had cleared your inventory notifications first, they only show on 3-4* items, so even then it’s a little hard to tell.

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