Monster chest or hero chest?

Should I focus on filling the monster chest or the hero chest? I feel like the advantage of the monster chest is that I can fill it much more quickly, but the hero chest is league-specific and I’ve been told the loot is better. Right now, I’m at the upper end of the platinum league, I always enter the diamond league for a short time and get kicked out again. What do you think?

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Definitely the hero chest, they give better loot on average over time once you’re in Platitum or Diamond.


Why can’t you keep filling both of them?

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You should fill both chests fast as possible anyway. Diamond hero chests have much better loot. If you spend gems to rush them (as you should!) it’s often better to rush Monster chests and immediately fill them, anyway.

Personally I usually fill a monster chest in the morning, immediately rush and fill it again. Then I do the same process in the evening. I regularly fill a hero chest in the morning and rush it for 10-11 gems as soon as I get close to 6 raid Energy in the afternoon. That way I fill 4 monster and 2 hero chests most days.

While (diamond) hero chests have more loot, the frequency for really important stuff in the long run (4* ascension material, emblems) is similar.
So I’d focus on filling any chest as fast as possible in order to get more elemental chests.

I just thought maybe focusing on one might be more profitable. Could be wrong of course. If I skip the timer on one, I can’t skip it for hours on the other. But I suppose I could go back and forth between them.

Yes, 100% agree. However, if it is exceedingly hard to fill a hero chest than I can see an argument for focusing on monster (i.e., filling monster chests > filling no chests as you slowly put heroes in over many excruciating raids because - I don’t know if you’ve heard this - but apparently raids not only “suck” but also “are rigged”).

Honestly, Monster Chest loot is normally so terrible that I don’t think it’s worth spending gems to accelerate them just to get an Elemental Chest a bit faster.

Part of the justification of rushing Raid Chests is that you at least also get some other useful stuff along the way — I particularly like that Trainer Heroes are relatively common in Diamond Chests, and the occasional ascension mat or Emblems are a nice benefit too.

I’ve heard that swearing at other players on the Forum is a useful solution to that.


What i used to do is fill my hero chest and if am close to diamond i play till i reach diamond then open it, you will get the loot for the league when you open the chest even if you fill it at the league below it
And to answer your question higher tiers hero chest have much better loot chance than monster chest


Opening a gold, or higher, chest gives you better chance at good loot .

The only time I recommend skipping wait on Wanted Monster Mission Chest is before Legendary training, before three rainbow 4* 3.60 teams, or if you REALLY need food or iron.



Storage and Chests ( linky, linky)

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