Monster Chest loot changed recently - is it now level dependent?

Here are my 3 most recent Monster Chest rewards:


This is a lot less than what the rewards would look like before, where it was more like hams + iron + maybe 6 other items (going by memory, could be slightly more or less, but definitely much different than these last 3).

The 3rd one, which is slightly better than the first 2 but still much less than what I’m used to, was done mostly with 13-6. The first 2 would’ve been mostly or only 8-7.

Is anyone else seeing such a change? Since the 13-6 reward looks a bit better than the ones mostly from 8-7, I can’t help but wonder if the monster chest loot has now been made dependent on the level of monsters killed to open it… Am I crazy? I would’ve expected much chatter about this if I’m not the only one seeing this…

Edit: I’m going to open my next chest using only 20-4 to test (this will be tomorrow).

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I don’t keep records, and I mostly see monster chests as the little nibbles with ever-so-rarely something truly valuable that I pick up hoping for the rarely spawning elemental chest instead.

I fill them in the 3-flag zone, 6-8, 7-7, or 8-7, occasionally while doing a quest for some of it, and your third chest (with the practice sword and the summon token) seems much more typical than your first two, 'tho I do see some of those too. And I got an Orb in one this week, but that kind of thing happens less often than an elemental chest spawning.


Its all random from my experience because Ive been farming 8-7 almost exclusively the past two levels and have seen results varying from pretty bad to not so bad LOL

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Elsewhere on the forums, others have shown that the hams you get is dependent on the amount of storage. and others have stated that it scales with food storage levels.

I have read elsewhere that it also scales with your player level, but i can’t find that link.

Thanks for the replies so far. I’m not so much worried about the amount of hams/iron, but more so the multitude of other items that seem to have gone away (for the record, my food storages are 20/20/19/19, and my iron storages are 20/4x18). If there’s only some hams, some iron and some gems, then there isn’t any chance for an ascension item like there used to be?

Another alliance member said he’d opened some chests using province 17, and got a couple ascension items recently. So I’m very curious to see what I’m going to see on my next chest using 20-4 only.

And to be clear… if the chest has actually become dependent on the monster levels, then I think that actually makes some sense - the reward for killing more difficult monsters should be different than killing easy ones, yes? But for sure it will hurt my farming efforts also in that case; I’m at 8-7 mostly now because I need all the recruits I can get. So I have mixed feelings about it. If it is true at all… because it hasn’t been disproved yet that I’m crazy, so that’s still a distinct possibility. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The only thing influenceable, AFAIK, is ham and iron. The rest is fully random.

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It’s not level dependent (other than the hams and iron part). I’ve gotten chests like your first two from doing nothing but 20.4. I’ve also gotten chests like your first two from doing nothing other than 8.7. My chests seem to be much worse these past few weeks but everyone says they haven’t changed anything so I’m probably just having a bad luck streak. I wish we did get guaranteed better loot from farming higher levels but alas we do not.


This morning I had traptools in my monsterchest, filled with the battle items quest and 8-7. Most times they look more like yours :wink:

Only raid chest rewards are storage level dependent, not the regular monster chest. Monster chests seem pretty random to me.

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My monster chests didn’t scale with storage increase only raid chest.

I also never saw player level related as my alt and main are 5 levels off but same raid chest food/iron for the most part.

But honestly it’s one of those things i don’t give AF about anymore. I just play and it gives what it gives.


I used to do provinces 12 to 19 to fill my chest and got good and bad ones. The forum consensus was that province level didn’t matter so I switched to just 7-4/8-7 etc. I felt like my bad chests increased. So I just started back doing 13-6 to fill it the last 2 days and have had better results. I know the sample size is too small so I didn’t bring it up. Now that I see your experience is similar, I wonder if there is a tiered system that is subtle enough that it is hard to tell that your odds are better filling from higher. Much like people often say the A+ titan loot is no better than the B loot or that diamond is no better than platinum. They are better odds of good loot but often are no better due to randomness.

IsenChrall, if you are right about tiered loot for monster chests, would using a loot ticket to fill the chest by finishing at a province north of 20 be the best?

So here’s the reward from using 20-4 exclusively to open the monster chest:


Note quite conclusive - it is better than the other ones but not dramatically better. If it was truly level dependent I would expect considerably better loot; between that , and all the feedback here I’m leaning towards simple randomness. I’ll do the next one with only 8-7 again, and hopefully this can be put to rest.

Thanks for all the replies.

Farming stage is irrelevant. And the monster chest reward is as rewarding as a mild fart in the outdoors. Irrelevant to all but the relieved, who is happy to be done with it.


I got an Orb from Monster Chest two days ago and an Epic Hero Token yesterday. Which is super weird cause I have no memory of MC having anything better than iron/food, summon token or a few gems.

These are my last 4, three farming 13-6, one from only province 16. All show a decent number of slots even if the items are not great. And on average, better than my typical 3 energy only chests.

Again sample size too small to draw conclusions, but I’m sticking with 4/5 energy provinces for now.

EDIT: Just did another chest from Prov 7 only, and it was comparable to those above. Still not convinced either way. But as long as I can fill a chest at one sitting without a flask, I think I will err on the side of potential benefits and shoot higher when I can.

I’ve farmed 6-8, 12-9 and 15-9 (just cause).

This morning I got a monster and Titan chest:

I think the gloves was the Monster, but honestly I don’t remember. Notice the ham and iron to the left both times. :slight_smile:

Gloves was the titan chest you can see on the screenshot. Gz on that!

Must get game glasses checked! :grin:

I’ve noticed for the last several chests that the ones i fill in 12-9 had slightly better rewards than the ones in 8-7. Today i decided to do a little test so i filled the chest 63/100 in province 18 then finished it off in 8-7 and 12-9. From this chest i got a compass. I’m going to keep testing.

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