Monster chest: killed mobs after chest opened did not count; battle started before the chest opened, but mobs where killed after chest opened

So, scenario. (happened to me)

monster chest timer: 59 seconds
we energy: 39/40 30 seconds left until 40/40

  1. i wait 25 seconds, and when there are 5 seconds left i enter a mob battle
  2. so from 39 we should go to 36, and in 5 seconds will become 37.
  3. i wait another minute; monster chest must be open to be filled now
  4. i autoed the stage level > normally, chest i opened so every mob killed should be counted
  5. surprise, its not! >>> issue


Battles started before the chest timer rolls over don’t count toward the chest. I’ve had this happen with the heroes chest before.

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but it should…

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Philosophically, that seems reasonable. Whether it’s a bug or working as intended, only SG can say. Since it’s easy enough to avoid, I just wait 15 seconds after the timer rolls over.


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