Monster chest having three tiers

kindly increase monster chest to three tiers, first tear 100 monster, if not claimed than next tier would be at 200 monster, and if not claimed than third tier would be at 300 monster, increase loot to 2.5 and 4 times than base tier.
increase cooldown to 24 hours and 36 hours from base 12 hours.

Not a good idea as per my understanding of this game…because the rewards will be still decided by RNG… which can make all your suggested chests

  • Equally useless
  • The 100 chest can give good rewards while 200 & 300 can give nothing except some easy to get materials.

For guidance, look at the Elemental chest quality… bcoz that is designed to deliver higher quality of rewards compared to regular monster chests and needs 150 monsters of a specific element… which is inline with your suggested 300 monster chest.

Your suggestion of a longer cooldown period spoils your own suggestion… Think !


thats exactly the point. how many times farming done it gives no better returns, jusdt autoplay and use all glags and no need to worry about farming for few hours, we will get equal mats anyhow.

think simple… your point is lost on your suggested the cooldown period…
RNG will make tiers irrelevant…

If there were guaranteed emblems in the 300 tier… ok. But the extended wait would be annoying.