Monster Chest flaw after update

My Monster chest no longer allows me to “skip” the waiting time!! I am forced to wait up to 6 hours before I can skip and open the chest. IF I buy gems, shouldn’t I be able to use them whenever I want and how I choose to spend them?!

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You should .still be able to skip 3 chests a day

NOPE…It started 3 days ago. For example this morning when I tapped on the monster chest it says " Next skip in 5h 47min" It will not allow me to skip until I have approx 33 energy banners! It won’t even work if I use an energy flask to build my banners!! SO FRUSTRATING!!

There is a maximum number of skips that you can do in a day. If you skip more often than this, you are required to wait. If you wait an entire day and then try to skip your three that are allowed and are unable to do so without the wait timer, then put in a work ticket.

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THANKS Otto0000…I usually only skip 1x per day…2x if I’m trying to level and get in extra titan hits! :slight_smile: I’ve been trying to do to work ticket thing, but I’m having difficulty! Any instructions that I can follow? I researched and says to hit Menu, options then it leads to support tab, but I don’t even have the Options listed on my menu. I do have the most updated version…so I’m just frustrated…maybe just not good with technology :wink:

Bottom of support tab

On my days off, I generall skip to the max. I also get frustrated a bit with going through menues, but I think what Talisax posted may help. If not, I wish you luck. Maybe Rook will weigh in here to help out more.

Can you walk me through to get to just the OPTIONS area…because I’m just not seeing it anywhere. I do appreciate your help…I’m grateful for such great E&P people!!


look at the bottom.

To be clearer:
If you don’t see Options at the bottom, click on ‘Menu’ to toggle the icons that appear at the bottom.

(Pedantic, I know… but no harm in clarity). :smiley:

Options-> support-> brings you do screen I posted

The game support feature changed slightly with Version 1.9.7 (see bottom).

If you click Menu in-game (bottom left), you’ll see Options appear as a golden gear (bottom center), then click Support (top center), followed by Support again (bottom button).

This will take you to the FAQ section, and every FAQ page should have a blue link at the bottom, labeled “Submit a Report”.

Here’s a quick link straight to an FAQ article:

Wow…thank you everyone for your help! Apparently, I’m just clueless (never played these types of games before) and I thought you had to go through the forum! I get it now and appreciate all the guidance!

You are not clueless. Welcome to the Forum! :wink:

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Thanks Rook!! Really appreciate it!!

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About the skip. You have to let both chests refresh on their own before you start skipping again.
That is why I skip the last chests before 7 pm and let them both refresh in the morning after their 12 hours. Then you can skip 3 chests again without having to wait.

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Thank you Konijntje!! I like your timing! I’m going to try your method starting tonight! Until then, I guess I’ll farm and utilize my energy flags so I can gather resources while I wait for monster chest to re-open. Better getting something than nothing…but the monster chests sometimes produce good loot!! Thanks again…have a great day!!