Monochrome dark defence team with Mok-Arr as centre tank


Do you think a monochrome purple defence team with a tanking Mok-Arr would be viable? I have four 5* purples now, although admittedly, except Sartana, the others are on the lower end of desirability: the new Atlantis shark, Quintus and Thoth Amun. Theoretically, if I threw in Rigard for good measure, would it be a good defence team? It’s just something I keep thinking of now. Mok-Arr does no damage to other purples, so he would do no damage to my team while, for the opponent, stacking holy would be counterproductive in this case, as they would receive a ton of damage, and stacking purple is not terribly effective.


I’m sorry, I accidentally posted it here instead of General Discussion, not sure how it happened. Can a mod move it please?


I think it could easily succumb to a 3 Dark-2 Holy offensive team as this:

  • Only 2 heroes would be harmed by the tank’s special
  • All the AoE attackers would be easily killed by riposte upon special usage
  • +DEF bonus and heal would lower the overall effectiveness of their special
  • Double holy stack would work as x4 holy heroes for tile damage against the whole team
  • Tiburtus would lower the dark element disvantage by lowering defense (and helping holy tiles)
  • Sabina is here for the lol, no real reason to stay as Sartana would be better but why not?