MONO TEAMS vs New Update

Anybody else losing multiple raids and having low titan attacks since the new update while using mono teams?


No, i win all raids now…never ever lose cause mono is so OP. We now get a stacking bonus of 1000%. Ready your goblets to catch all the incoming tears. :joy:

Btw, im joking. See no difference in raiding, same results as before. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


No I win all raids and consistently hit titans for 250k per flag.

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Not a moderator!!!

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No difference here, and I’m seeing some super hits on the titans.

Am a moderator. :wink:


Just an “average Joe” and find it’s streaky as always.


I feel like I have seen a difference. But I think it is the extreme. Either the board is really good or really bad. My raids and titan hits used to be much more consistent. Now on a titan I score 45K or 4k instead of consistently around 15-20k.

Yeah happens to me lately too. Not really doing 4k but i started doing 8-9k with completely locked boards. Not even a tornado help that much. Wasnt doing those numbers since when i had a 3400 TP defense team. Now i can do 40k with a good board without Wu and 11k later with the same team.
On raids im good tho. I have bad boards but i still manage to win most of my flags.

In my opinion, as with the server, temporary failures are difficult to detect. It is obvious, for example, that if your defense averages between 50 and 65% of wins, measured for months in my account, with logical variations, product of randomness and, for two updates, I am, as has happened to me 3 times, they have attacked me 8,7 and 10 times and I have lost all, something has not worked well, it is evident, although it is impossible to know what has failed on that day, mana, defensive, multiplier effect, etc. In attack less, but also happens to me, specific moments in which I can lose up to 8 attacks in a row, with the average of victories being 90. Of course, in that case if you see that things fail, like giving A un Kadge full with another kadge and then release up to 6 purple chips, with overalls and that is still alive and very alive. Fail the damage, the defense? The game is failing, server crashes are notorious, this is more difficult, but it is happening, thank God seldom.

That’s bull crap. Big change to mono. I used to take the number one slot with my mono attack team. Now I can’t break 2700 hardly

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At first I thought so but not as bad now.
I know a moderator.:crazy_face:

Rather than blame boards etc , results are now more likely being affected by the higher level of emblem heroes , a month or so ago you would only see 3/4 level emblemend heroes , now 6/7 is the norm in diamond and you have to adjust to the higher stats


Our entire team has noticed that the boards got considerably worse if you use mono teams. For titans, our last war, and in raids. It’s supposed to be random but I call foul! We took pictures and videos of our battles and it’s terrible. One member had a team down to one hero and lost because the game didn’t give another tile match for over 2 minutes of play. If you changed something, change it back please. Thanks


Yea change it back from random to random, pls.


I dunno, I like this random better than the old random. It was just so random before. Now it’s just random.


FWIW in wars I’ve actually been using more mono teams lately. Last war I was top scorer for our side. One bad board, one great board, 4 that were meh but I worked to good enough.