Mono raid team help

Most succesful: G. Jackal +5 G. Jackal +9 Li Xui +19 Danza 4/70 Joon +3
2nd: Boldtusk +19 Gormek +7 Anzogh +7 Scarlett +18 Kelile 4/70
3rd: C Kiril+3 Grimm+14 Magni 4/40 Valerie +1 C-Sonya+20
4th: C Brienne +20 C Skittles +10 Elk +10 Caedmon +19 Melendor 4/70
Not succesful and don’t play: Dom +3 Tibs +20 Proteus +3 Cheshire 4/70 Rigard 4/70 Cyprian 4/70 C Balthazar +20 Gill-Ra +19

So I love my yellow stack, I’m maxing out a 2nd joon to replace Danza and working on getting both G. Jackals to +8 for the 6 tile fire.

My red stack does pretty well, I can take on moderately emblemed Telles with reasonable success Anzogh can help out a lot against Vela

My blue stack I do play and also have pretty good success. This is my first question, once I’m done with Magni I have a few options for replacing Valerie; I have Boril maxed and just drew his costume but that does not have synergy with Kiril, it would be much faster though to max his costume than wait for my second option Thorne. I’m imagining the combo of Kiril, Grimm, Thorne firing together is pretty dramatic. Does anyone play this in there blue stack?

For purple I’m at a total loss. Average mana is just way to slow and Cheshire Cat is not much help. Going to have to skip yellow tanks for the time being. Used all 7 of my EHT in the hope of getting Victor or the HOTM and ended up drawing all vanilla repeats.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kiril, Grimm and Thorne will work pretty well for you. And even better if you are lucky enough to get all of their costumes
Good luck

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Costume Rigard would solve a lot. I’m guessing Rigard-Tibs-Dom-Cyprian-Proteus. Not great but that best with what you have.

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Thanks @Chadmo. It just seems like with average mana there’s not much you can do. Unless you get lucky and take out the tank with tiles. I wonder what events I should save up for that have fast/very fast purples…

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Those are the best for sure. This event has Victor and he’d be good for your team but he’s just ok. Valhalla have Bera and Freya, both of those you’ll love using.


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Thanks @JGE. Another faster alternative than Thorne would be to max another Kiril and costume (I have 2 at 1/1) and play both but then grimm seems like more of a waste.

Freya would help a lot. I also don’t really have a tank. My defense is:

C Sonya + 20 Dom +3 Li Xui +19 Anzogh +7 Elk +10

I’m considering trying a mono defense of:

Jackal Joon Li Xui Joon Jackal


Jackal Jackal Li Xui Joon Joon

Mono defense is for dropping cups. too easy to beat especiialy with no healer.

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