Mono or element heavy teams

Does it seem that more often than not , mono teams get shafted on their respective colour tiles?

This had been quite the discussion topic as of late.

Please see Stones' colour distribution is NOT random in raids

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EDIT: and on several other threads as well. Has been fairly heated


I love color stacking, and stick mainly to the 3-2 formula more often than not, but I also dabble in mono. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Depends on if your heroes are strong enough to take a beating for a little while until the tiles kick in. It’s all random, no conspiracy here…

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Thank you sir/madam.

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You’re welcome. I will throw out that there are mountains of collected evidence that point to randomness in the tile selection. I hope you avoid the vitriol


Haha fair enough :blush:

Ok thanks , appreciate the input

I JUST did a revenge against a team with Richard at tank and Gravemaker and Grazul flanking him, did mono blue, and the tiles worked in my favor, no one even got their special off.

I’ve been raiding mono for about 4 months. Might switch it up soon. I find my war team selection tends to suffer when I’m not regularly thinking about how a team will work together

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No for sure it works great when you get the tiles. I’m just wondering if it’s just my perception for looking for a certain tile colour. Probably is but sometimes I wonder that’s all.

Yeah it’s so frustrating for me when I do well against equal to or better teams in raids but somehow I don’t usually do well in War. The biggest issue in War of course, you have to have a deep bench to do well. I’m working on building as many decent heroes as possible for that luxury ,just takes forever lol.

We’ve veered from there topic, but my suggestion is work your 3 and 4 stars hard. If you get a 5* count yourself lucky and hold on to it until you build your bench up.


There is definitely a bias when you are looking for a specific color. Take a screenshot at the beginning and go back and see how many of each color are in the opening board.

Sometimes they are out of balance, but taken over time they will even out.


I JUST did three revenges against an Ursena tank flanked by Zimkitha and Ariel with Kage and Poseidon on wings using mono red (too lazy / too late at night to change my raid team, just needed to burn 6 flags). Tiles did not work in my favor… Not one of my heroes charged… no red tiles in sight for three runs… before that I killed three other high level targets using the same set-up. Plenty of red tiles there. Sometimes tiles come some times they don’t. That’s it.


I’ll point to the thread @SupremeAlienRaptor shared, as well as some others:

Since this has been discussed extensively in all of those, as well as many other threads, this thread will be closed as a duplicate.

Please continue discussion in any of the threads above, which collectively cover the full gamut of options for statistical analysis, data collection, strategy, venting, and pitchfork wielding complaints. :slightly_smiling_face:


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