Mono is not the best meta (in my opinion)! But what is?

That’s a nice acronym but that is not the meaning of the word “meta”. Meta is a prefix meaning that whatever you are talking about, this is how the situation is and it can be different depending on what other people’s, usually hidden, actions will be. The “game rules” state that you match three to cause damage. When you discuss the “metagame rules” you are talking about how to defeat strategies of other teams you will encounter. The “game withing the game” concept that pops up whenever your opponent may choose to present you with different pieces.

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It’s not just a “nice acronym,” it’s also the standard usage in the broader MMO community, which is where we are.

But even setting this aside, your explanation falls flat with respect to this discussion.

Mono is a STRATEGY, not a metagame thesis or analysis. You can certainly have metagame discussions and analysis ABOUT mono. But that’s not what this is about.

Discussing direct strategic applications of the rules and mathematics of a strategy game really doesn’t qualify as meta-analysis. It’s not “beyond” anything; rather, it’s the thing itself. There IS no “text” for which the math becomes “subtext.”

The E&P characters don’t have some rich history and back-story that we’re ignoring to form optimal teams. They are literally a collection of stats with a two-word descriptor.

“Mournful Duke” doesn’t suggest a thematic playstyle for Tiburtus. He is no more, or less, than Dark color + Ramming Pulverizer + Hasselhoff hair.


By well rounded l mean that, as the weaker attacker (since 2 colors are doubled) should be a hero with high contribution to the team. Say a Kiril to add attack, healing and def; a magny for solid attack plus def on 3, a Proteus to stop 3 opponents and so on. My point here is when the lone hero is mediocre 2, 2, 1 can go to hell easily.

I usually take 2 healers for 2, 2, 1. Either two 4s or one 5 + one 4*.This includes over time healers like Eve, Ares or Zim. I sometimes take only one when I’m in need of firepower and in those cases l use Triton to boost the healing provided.

So @Rigs I guess you’d strongly disagree with this thread based on your discussion in the JF thread

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I personally think that DoT is the best meta… ignores literally all the buffs & debuffs that get inflicted…

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Yup i would.


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So as to not invite an out of topic discussion in the other thread, out of curiosity, to all the high level players, what is your experience of the 1 shot % rates for Mono, rainbow, 3-2 and everything in between?

Thanks guys

I’m not a high level player just a mid level I suppose - our alliance is ranked 1610 so not sure how you classify that.


Here is the rainbow calc kindly done by @Garanwyn, I would be interested to see a 3-2 or mono calc


Sadly, I have None of those heroes. Maybe Someday…

I totally agree. I’ve heard the term ‘meta’ applied to many different games over the years, and for that matter, many pretentious discussions about ideas, philosophies, culture, whatever. I’ve never heard of this acronym until this thread. I’ve always understood ‘meta’ w/r/t gaming as ‘the game of playing the game.’

I suspect the acronym derives from the context you’re describing, but basically dumbed-down with a simple mnemonic. I’ll never use meta as an acronym and I’ll continue to understand what people mean when they use the term.

meta is the winning meta-term in the meta vs M.E.T.A. metagame

Been in a few mono vs 3-2/other styles discussions in Line lately. I’ve left them due to the toxicity of the personalities involved.

All i can say is:

I don’t care what playstyle someone likes or which one they THINK is better

But once they start quoting things as their own that they heard from someone else, tossing in %s and stats they’ve never tracked themselves and have no clue about, and preaching opinion as fact, that’s what draws the line between good reasonable player and moron for me lol

There’s one way to say " i prefer 3-2"

Ok no biggie, whatever

Then there’s the other way of saying:

“3-2 is better than mono and has a higher success %, ask any top player and they’ll tell you the same thing, people running mono have weak decks, no skill, or are pretty new to the game”

The 2nd quote is where i go from like to dislike at a pretty rapid pace

Players figure out their own styles and what works best for them and when doing so, that preference should be discussed as just that, a preference. Too many sheeple being flocked by arrogant people in this game that feel they know all due to how much they spend, what alliance they’re in, where they’ve placed in events, because they make youtube vids, etc

Tip of the day:
To enjoy this game, figure out what works best for you and take every opinion including mine with a grain of salt and possibility that they’re speaking from personal experience and memory and not from numbers or data or any other factual standpoint

Most of the tips and information on this forum are opinions and should be seen as such

Fwiw, i actually like both styles. I was highly reluctant to give mono a fair chance for a long time because from a surface perspective it was a lottery(probably an exact quote actually in a conversation with @Snowdoggydogg) , good opening board = win, bad opening board= loss. But decided to try it out, give it a fair long term shot and will say there’s more involved than meets the eye and it requires synergy, tile skill, etc just like any other playstyle.

Even 3-2 has opening boards that are wins within the first few moves but people seem to overlook those and just frown on the ones people get with mono lol

Life lesson:
Play how you want
Dont be a moron or a sheep


I agree 100% with what @Rigs said. I play mono though. Been using this strategy since the first war came out. You dont need a strong stack of elements against a tank. I have several times experienced using the weak color against the tank and managed to pull the win during wars. I love beating players above level 70ish, 80ish, 90ish and 100ish who are at least a year ahead of me playing this game. The point is, I am happy and confident with my mono skills and strategy.

Mono4EVA !!


I might be wrong here, but I feel like you’re referring to me. I hope you’re not, but I gotta ask.


Nope i was not

And it’s more about the mindset i see of a few rather than the individual persons i know

Regardless though i don’t recall us having any such conversations and i think if we ever did and they got heated(as conversations with me can easily do) then we probably wouldn’t talk as much or as easily as we do

This post isn’t about bashing, though i realize my choice of words and the way i put my thoughts to paper/screen can come across that way and unravel my true intent, it’s just advice on how players should communicate their view points in playstyle discussions or advice discussions or just in general

And how the players listening to or reading advice from others should recieve advice and information from others

Apologies if you felt it was a personal attack

Fwiw i commonly re read conversations or posts where i come across as a know it all, so if it was an “attack” on any individual, it would be an attack on myself as much as the next person


I definitely wish Zynga would just let you know if you’re going to win or not and let you opt out but get participation credit.

Earlier I missed 23/25 hits in a row under Wu, and an unemblemed, unbuffed Quintus did 600 damage to a purple defender with +Def and +Def v Specials active.

So yeah, can we just get a button that lets us skip when the game is going to win no matter what?

Nah, you’re good fam. Just had to check since you mentioned a couple things that COULD refer to me in a topic that I created. And I’ve been vocal about my opinion on mono in the past, but even I have to admit that I see the benefits of mono with all the heavy emblemed defenses these days.


For what, raids?

You can do that for map levels, but nothing else. If you don’t want to raid or do tournaments or war, just don’t.

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Probably could if it was pre determined

But considering I’ve managed to take a mono purple team, get a purple diamond on the opening board, and still shoot myself in the foot enough to lose the match(believe i have the recording buried somewhere)

I don’t feel a win/loss is predetermined


Let me guess, you had a 5-match and then got no purples for 12 turns until you lost. That’s predetermination. :slight_smile:

Lol think you’re way way off topic here

This isn’t just another thread to whine about how much you dislike the game due to your own shortcomings

Discuss different playstyles or add something else of value to the thread or go find a thread that is closer related to your thoughts that you’d like to discuss


Wow I can be civil, who knew…


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