Mono is not the best meta (in my opinion)! But what is?

I have no issue using slow heroes but depends on the hero. Some of them seem to have awkward timing of when they charge(kunchen for example that fires def down after 4 other heroes and 12 tiles have already been used…)

@NPNKY so that’s why i was curious

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Better come up with a name for Telluria…

“Eat flaming death, Telly”

[slightly off topic] meta is a prefix, not a word.

It’s also an acronym. Most Effective Tactic Available


As NPNKY said, most of the time on the forum it is referring to the acronym… people just don’t capitalise it cause they’re on mobile / lazy / can’t be bothered.

this thread is worth a bit of a read too :slight_smile:


if you bring up any enemy team and back out, it will reappear next time. revenge or normal.

you need Mad Hatter for Aegir. eats him for lunch. yum.

Will never be a fan of a style of play that has one hope and one hope only of winning. Also, from my own personal experience,I have had the worst conversations with “mono only” players than an other form of player in the game. When discussing heros and techniques with people and why I chose certain heroes at certain times it’s nice to here a “I see but have you tried this”, or “I never thought of that what i usually do is”, you know actual conversation. I have even had a guy ask me who i would run against a player he felt was O.P. and when I gave him a nice 2 2 1 set up it was immediately met with ewww what??? No way!! Mono players get very defensive when you say anything about mono and have all these seemingly made up responses as to why mono is the best. To me mono is simply boring. I get no form of excitement in a match playing mono, wins just feel empty as yay I got some food or nope didn’t get anu. Matches are over to quickly and there is nothing to learn from losing a mono match where I had no gems other than man if I had some gems I could of won. To each their own but other than a titan or two mono can stay as far away from me as possible.

Mono is more relevant in war than in raid. How are you going to face all the 4.5k/4.6k teams in war without going mono?
If 4.2/4.3k teams, still very possible to go 2-1-1-1 or something like that. 4.5k/4.6k?-how about going mono and try your luck? I hate emblem system.
Raiding is different since you can afford to choose the best 5 hereos to attack.


Oh, where to begin?
If there were one thing to teach about using mono, it would be;
Agreeing with almost everything @Halifax has said. It is not about using the color combos which are there. It is about making them. Eliminate the other colors. If there are two horizontal combos available it will do no good to use them immediately. Pull in more by getting rid of others. A reverse thinking much like ghosting. Hard to learn.
Please do give me the wrong color diamond right away. Enemy can only charge to full whether it be 10 tiles or 50. Most likely I will survive their specials early on. Then it is my turn. Hunt and peck off to the side or against an inoffensive opponent. Seems to take forever. Turn a 3 tile into a 4 and odds of winning go way up.

All things being equal, mono is stronger because of the multiplier effect others have mentioned. Based on absolutely nothing but my paranoia, I would suspect there could be anti-stacking software. Four or five of the same color and the number of new tiles for that color is decreased by a % amount. Would require much study.

You do not need a vast roster for mono. I first started doing this with 2* and 3* junk in Wars. Game wants to give me red heroes. (and blue troops. have thrown away 4* blue troops. sigh) Got all this red junk? Fine! Throw it at them. Guess what? yup.
TIP: Use a suicide squad like this in War to practice. and use it when field aid (healing) is in effect against a FULL team. Nothing to lose.

One. combo. at. a. time. will. destroy. any. attack. Period. Having said that, there is nothing 14 combos to the face won’t fix.
Also: If I were picking your team using same color and strength to go up against me, you would lose most every time. duh. You are using hero skills as part of the strategy no matter what color combination is used.

Notice how many people say “I used to do that, now I do this”? That is because the game itself changes with increasing levels. It is not simply a matter of doing the same thing with bigger numbers. Three star tactics do not work at four star level. At some point in time I won 37 consecutive raids. Must have been doing something right. Probably when the second Chao got full. One is just so-so. Two of them rule. Throw in Leonidas and a pair of dark healers and they were unbeatable for a while. I am playing with bigger numbers now but nothing matches that combination.

Titans, Raids, and Alliance Wars are totally different games. Do not compare their results. I do not re-roll or revenge in raids. Try this:
Make a color team. Changing heroes is allowed within that color. Fight all six raid points with that color. Go to next colors. Go to rainbow or some other like 3/2. Then compare results. I do probably below half with rainbow. Usually lose mono because I get stupid or lazy.

Five 5* heroes do not make a team.

I do not use mono against titans (unless it is an easy one) because of time limit. Others say opposite. Am also lousy at using battle items which is big against titans. tornadoes and mana help.

It is not always strong color against center. My red can chew up Boril center like anyone else. Kind of like using blue Boril in events to go against blue reflecting King Arthur. The reflected damage is easily healed and King Arthur ends up killing himself.


After having read all these, it appears many players in the forum advocate mono strategy in attacking during raids and in wars, me included, while others do 4-1 or 3-2. I do firmly believe that us not that strong players (in comparison to those who are playing this game more than two years with more than 30 maxed 5 star heroes who are better than the usual we got from various summoning portals) would be utilizing mono to try to eliminate the advantage of strong players with highly coveted heroes that are maxed and highly emblemed with level 30 troops defending them. The questions now is, since you have played this game since May of 2017, have tons of 5 star heroes at your disposal, able to create several well-recognized alliances and upload several E&P videos on YouTube, if mono is not the best meta in your opinion, what is it then, @TheChef?

If only I had the Hatter. Maybe RNGesus will smile on me next Wonderland

F.w.i.w I don’t have The Hatter but have a 99.0% win rate against Aegir tanks (faced 96 so far)…

Yeah, he doesn’t give me too much trouble either. Evie dispels 3.


This topic is a year old, I don’t even know why it’s been brought back to life. The game has changed since then and so has my opinion and I don’t believe there is an actual meta for this game right now. People play how they want to play and different strats can have the same outcome.

This is my most recent opinion on mono^^


Saders and BD had a war chat argument about it which spilled over here.


Because i have a nack for bringin up old :poop:

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Haha, I get that, not too happy with BD myself right now

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That should somehow be made into a forum title for you.


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