Mono is not the best meta (in my opinion)! But what is?

For what, raids?

You can do that for map levels, but nothing else. If you don’t want to raid or do tournaments or war, just don’t.

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Probably could if it was pre determined

But considering I’ve managed to take a mono purple team, get a purple diamond on the opening board, and still shoot myself in the foot enough to lose the match(believe i have the recording buried somewhere)

I don’t feel a win/loss is predetermined


Let me guess, you had a 5-match and then got no purples for 12 turns until you lost. That’s predetermination. :slight_smile:

Lol think you’re way way off topic here

This isn’t just another thread to whine about how much you dislike the game due to your own shortcomings

Discuss different playstyles or add something else of value to the thread or go find a thread that is closer related to your thoughts that you’d like to discuss


Wow I can be civil, who knew…


Chill Rigs, lol.

You’re right that his first statement has no place on this topic, but there’s no need to question his skill level. Maybe refer him to a thread where he can discuss the topic he’s talking about? You practically live on these forums, so you probably know one🤣.


Happy reading

If it was me, i would start with the last one and work your way up @TheDayHasCome


Now, without going too far off topic, what makes you say that you’re a better player than Rigs? Because I’ve known Rigs for a long time and he’s been fighting amongst the top 25 alliances for a long time and that, my friend, takes skill


Lol at least you’ve figured out there are varying skill levels

See some that dont make it that far…

I’m not going to question whether you’re a better player than me, I’ve never claimed to be the best player and idk if I’ve ever claimed to be a “good player”

I’ve always just been a player with a strong passion for the game


The topic is a civil discussion on the pros and cons of various colour stacking or rainbow formations.


I’m trying alright, but my man over here making statements here that I can’t ignore. I’m legit curious why he thinks he’s a better player than Rigs? What does he base it off? Does he know Rigs’ trackrecord?


The reason the broken/tampered RNG is relevant is because there is no meta to this game. This is not a one-on-one strategy game with shifting card interactions, it’s an RNG.

It’s the same as asking what’s the current meta of this row of slot machines, REGARDLESS of whether you accept that the RNG is busted. I’ve been around deep strategy games all my life, this is not one of them.

Does the company even claim it’s a strategy game with shifting metas? lol No game designer would ever claim that, it’s just a fable meant to increase spending and bad feelings.

You can open another thread to discuss a metric for judging skill, which is a very interesting idea and difficult to measure.

But for now… Mono: best? Not best?


I wouldn’t ever claim it as best personally. I don’t claim any playstyle as best. Too much of a blanket statement in my opinion.

There are areas of the game where it does exceed other styles in a mathematical fashion such as titans and events but pvp is a different ballgame


I’d say every color stacking method right now requires an equal level of skill. Only legit skillfull players can pull off rainbow tho


I love these pics :slight_smile:


To me it’s just a playstyle question. In war I run 5 monos and a Wu team because I prefer not to stress about who I’m filling at what rates. Basically, it cuts the frustration by 80% when I can clearly see what’s going to happen for most of the fight. :slight_smile:

On my account that can’t field mono titan teams, I find I actually enjoy titans more when I have a variety of possible things to do. If I wasn’t worried about keeping my scores up for alliance purposes, I would run 2-1-1-1 on titans across the board.

Metas are created by design choices and release structures, neither of which in this game support the creation of or shifting of metas, IMO.

Hmm disagree

There have been game changes and heroes released that work better in certain styles than others and i did watch the game take a hard shift from rainbow to color stacking which sure was partly player created but it was also created by the developers by creating certain heroes and scenarios

We’re all actually watching one play out right now but i won’t be a spoiler

As chef said above it takes a great amount of skill to rainbow win consistently, there’s a reason for that statement and it’s not saying rainbow is a poor playstyle. It’s saying the way the game has evolved has made it harder for…I’ll just say most but maybe some is better, who knows…to rainbow

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Spoiler please, nothing like a good spoiler

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I guess there will always be disagreements about what a meta is or is not. I don’t think releasing HotM that have elements links is a meta, although maybe for 100 players in the world it becomes one.

That might also be something to be made clear when someone is talking about a meta. For 99.9% of players there isn’t and never will be a meta, because the game doesn’t provide all pieces to all players. That’s another reason I don’t believe this game can even have metas, and why I don’t think any game designer would honestly claim there is one.


If it’s the most effective tactic available then it’s meta, even if it isn’t available for many players.
Then there are different META tiers…


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