Mono is for the weak...discussion

Even with mono it’s crazy how high stats these new cards have. You hit an enemy hero with 3 tiles of the opposite color powered by all 5 of your mono heroes and the enemy hero still doesn’t die. Crazy.


I am meeting teams mostly 300-700 above me, and I play mostly 2-1-1-1 and sometimes 2-2-1

Abilities to handle the endless stream of Luna/willow/sha/hippo etc more important than the individual strength I my opinion. Currently sitting at 200-something

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Can you give an example of your dispeller team that you find effective against those?

In blue, Milena, Fortuna, Himeros, Ghealach, Tinsel is what I am running. 2 fast dispels and then Milena at x2 if you need.

I agree. I rarely go full mono except titans but this game is about synergy. It might be all the same color or all the same family. it might be a mana generator with a slow tank.

Ray. Overcharging mana so he can still dispel if hit is key. With multiple possible needs for dispelling I bring either Louhi or Milena as my second, depending on opponent setup

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Not everyone likes rainbows!

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Somwhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
Somwhere over the rainbow
Where whales cries…

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This! Exactly! Or snowflakes….

Don’t lie DOF. You love rainbows and unicorns.


Lol especially the tanned ones, with perfect hair


Mono or Rainbow doesn’t matter if boards are rigged… Right?

Meta - " Mono is for the weak…discussion" discussion is for the weak… No discussion needed

My post shows shows how weak I am… :frowning:
Please discuss to your hearts content.
No /s

Stupid thread, who is going to do a raid with just one hero?

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That’s a good one :smiley:
@Homaclese probably? /s

But there are some ace players out there… who can literally turn the game around despite all odds…

I say playing this game with your eyes open is for the weak(est).

Another one which comes to mind -
The more money you spend on this game, the weaker you are :stuck_out_tongue:
haha… I challenge everyone to show your strength by winning without spending :smiley:

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Oh no, what have you done :man_facepalming:

Spending or not spending… both weak.

I win without playing.

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yeah, reminds me of the people who are like “ewww rainbows”, only to secretly look for rainbows on apps or in secluded places… :wink:

anyway, to keep on topic…

with the right set up, mono can be very powerful indeed. I mono with C-Victor, Nyx and Amethyst… if I can get 6 tiles, I can do massive damage to the opponent right off the bat!

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I often review teams that have attacked me in raids and it is surprising that many people who have defence teams 500-600 points stronger than mine attack me with mono teams