Mono green or mono yellow. War attack plus arrows

Hello people

What do you think is the best tactics against this team?

Would you go with full yellow or melendor and caedmon? Or something else completely?

I’d rather bring 3 yellows than go mono yellow, depending on who you have to bring. I prefer to run mono teams that aren’t strong against the tank in a war.

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I’d like mono yellow here. 3 tiles should kill cyprian, and the rest of the team is very unthreatening. Just ghost tiles down the middle, charge your specials. Use your specials on the left side.

What happens if cyprian explodes? What happens if aharon blocks yellow?

Should I take debuffers cleansers for that? Problem is my yellow doesn’t have this attributes

If it was just raid, I would do mono.

If running mainly 5*s, I would do mono.

If running 4*s, I would do 4-1 with a despeller

It is war against arrows

Yes . I cant afford to use my five here. They have 4340 waiting for me. .

I will probably take melendor and Gretel and jacakl and hope for good board