Mono green for war

Who should I replace and who should I replace it with? I fight mono war and can bring one green hero to 80

Buddy out, Kingston2 in.

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Close topic. You are the exact mono lover I was hoping to here from and that’s what I leaned toward. I thought maybe elk cause he hits more targets but I love Kingston!

I’m not sure about the special of lady Locke, but if I’m right, she cleans your team, from negative status effects?
If yes, then she would be a good addition for your mono team.
Also as a second Kingston’s is always good.


Just like the last poster said.

She does clean you

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Id probably take out MN for Greg. Gregs addeed critical buff on your team will be fire

My philosophy is dead enemies don’t concern me but enemies with even 1hp hit just as hard. That’s why I almost always opt for the kill even when using a lianna’s special against an enemy with 12 hp remaining. Seems like a waste of all that damage until you ignore that enemy and they fire a special back atcha

Splash damage injures a group. But that group can all hit back Hard. Kingston kills - and if he doesn’t kill, he dramatically reduces the hit back. He’s win win. Two of him should kill most enemies. Especially if run with Eve. Eve, Lianna, King and a reviver are the building blocks of about the best mono green team you can build atm.

You fire Eve, then Lianna/King/King - and you should have three enemies dead or 2 dead and one hobbled.

When my greens fire, I almost always win.

If the board is bad and I’m getting shredded, North keeps me in the fight til the end. Many times I’ve had only north with under 300hp remaining vs 3+ enemy and won.


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