Mono blue advice - Richard or not

I am trying to form my first mono team.

My question is, will Richard fit more to the team? If so who should i replace with?

Is it for titans or raids?

Kirill and magni both have a defence buff, so you could drop magni, but Richard does less damage on attack?

It’s for offense in AWs and raids.

Richard is slower than Alaisie, Magni and Misandra.

You’ll likely want to wait to use the snipers until Grimm and Kiril charge up to maximize their special damage. Since both of them are average mana, Richard’s average mana wouldn’t detract too much from the team.

I agree with @JonahTheBard. I’d replace Magni.

I have the exact same team although Misandra is still at 3/70 due my lack of Damascus.

I would not change a thing about the team. Your team is built on hitting hard and fast. Richard does not synergize with the team as he is used to slow down the opponent.

Also, Magni’s special will release first before Kiril. So consider Kiril a backup buffer. Misandra is a gamble like Wu with at least a guaranteed fast hit so the rest of the team will power up even faster if you win the gamble.

Just my 2 cents. :wink:

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