Money wasted

I’ve spent well over a hundred bucks for this game and now all the time and money I put in is being trumped by these rediculous new rules and game play changes when I 1st started playing over a year ago. Everything was fine and fun and I wasn’t being lied to and screwed over by some b.s system that doesn’t go by any point to point algorithm your just making sure people lose even when the points would not allow such a thing, your system sure does like to screw people over.

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Such as?

I’ve been playing 14 months, have spent around $80, and I can’t point to any “changed rules” that have screwed me over.

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Then as a mediator u must be perfect and happy with others getting screwed over, take some time and actually read all the complaints, you’ll catch on to what I mean if not ur the luckiest man in the game, congrats

If you can be a bit more specific about your issue with the game other than that the game “screws people over”, we might be able to offer suggestions to help.

I’m guessing that you’re referring to alliance wars since that’s the only major game mode added recently. If your issue is with matchmaking, it’s currently being worked on to reduce mismatches, so please be patient or ask your alliance leader to opt out of wars for now if it’s really bothering you. If your issue is with the new war rules, developing a well-rounded roster of heroes and tailoring your strategies to each rule will greatly help your chances of success, and remember that your alliance will also have the same rule applied to your defense teams.


I’m not perfect (and I’m not a man, if that matters), and I read a staggering number of posts every day.

I am aware of a number of complaints, for a variety of reasons. Some I agree with, and some I don’t, for a variety of reasons.

(You can read my posts addressing them, going back into the middle of last year and decide if you think I have any leg to stand on to judge such matters.)

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