Money to spend in Game

How much you guy’s supposed to put in the game to have the best characters because me I already put in 250 euros and I don’t have something wow??m

Team building isn’t like building a wall, where you put X bricks and tha-da, done!
You could have the best heroes at your fist try, spending 0€ or spending high sums without gettng any.

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Recommends are:

  • VIPs
  • Atlantis portal
  • Seassonal events portals
  • Elemental summons.
  • Troop summons when you get decent rainbow team that at least at 3^60

DON’T do epic summons with gems or even with epic hero tokens.
Save your epic hero tokens for seassonal events.
Winter event is comming use them there.
Also I recommend if you can spend money to get any offer with 3/4☆ ascending mats, they are the most hard to find in the game.
Do this with some time and you will get all the wows you are looking for.
Edit1 :
Its your chance now to have 3 HOTMs in Atlantis portal. Zel and Ares are so good and Zim can be a bouns so Hell yes go for it. At least if you get 1 you should be so happy. They are all A/A+ heroes.


That’s thrue,as I saw i have spend some money and nothing wow so to be honest I’m afraid to go further

Build your TC20s and play the long game. Take all the loot opportunities like chests (monster, hero, titan, war) and quests. Set a budget. Use tokens wisely.

Even if you successfully spent big $$$ to get “the best” heroes you would still need the time, feeders and materials to ascend them and use them.

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Yeah I was thinking same about but I have 2 guy’s 5* and they are only defence so they don’t attack at all so that’s make me loose battle and I go insane and I use to have 1503 trofies and after last battle I got so crazy like i just want to give away all my trofies and that’s 2 day’s ago and today I have 0 trophy so I don’t think I’m going to play again because I go insane when I loose battle with

Understanding that a 4* 4/70 maxed is generally better than a 5* 3/70 is key! 5* longterm will be the basis of your teams but short term while you lack the mats to ascend your 5* to max, I’d relax and find yourself a good alliance where you can have a laugh and learn, so losing doesn’t become the be all and end all! Good peeps can make your ingame time much more fun

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Yes maybe you have right but unfortunately I’m quite new on the game so maybe you can give me some good advice about couple of alliances to can communicate with them

There are lots of really good training alliances in the game! Best suggestion for you is, start a new topic in the recruiting section of the forum, just write or screenshot the hero roster you currently have and you will get lots of good peeps asking you to join their guilds! Honestly buddy find the right alliance and your never look back. Good luck

I spend more then 500euro… and i still dont have 5* any red one… but i have 5pl of yellow… today ill tried to summon atlantic 10 times, buy the gems for offer 3 times, and i got Leonidas 5* yellow again!!!

Well the problem is I don’t have any purple good guy so I have to keep the Boss Wolf to have full rainbow and I have to many reds so is not good either so I show you what is the team with I fight usually because the other ones are not updated

so give on advice about it if you can. Tks

My (informed) guess is that players with deep teams are spending something around $500-$1000/month. Even more if you’re working to max troops.

Which in no way implies you have to spend at that level to enjoy the game. Get TC20 running, preferably two of them; hope you get lucky on limited pulls. @Jedon has some good advice about optimizing your spend. It’s important that you NOT spend a limited budget on the “gotcha” boxes in the Store; wait for guaranteed offers.

Also avoid buying gems from the store. There are many offers that trickle in through the month that have discounted gems paired with other goodies.


I totally understand that by now you have heard the phrase rainbow team so many times its engraved on you mind, but and it’s a huge BUT it isn’t a must have. A rainbow team for def will happen eventually, your hit other dark hero’s! From my point of experience it’s far more important to get a solid 3* team maxed, and by team I mean 10-15 hero’s ideally 3 of each colour, so you can stack… Then move on to doing the same with 4* by the time you have lvled 30 hero’s to 3/50 3* or 4/70- 3/60 4* you will find that your city is at a high lvl sh 20 ish and your then able to start on 5* hero’s, yes this will take a couple of months but it will take that or longer to gain the materials to max a 5*. But believe me your be a lot more use to your alliance in wars than slowly lvling 5* before your ready and hitting the dreaded materials wall! Your also gain lots of experience with a varied lvl of hero and type of special… During which time your playing style will naturally develop, everyone is slightly different your like some hero’s not others, work out what specials work well together and have a much better understanding of what types of 5* hero’s suit your style… Lvling a 5* just because their a 5* gets old fast if all you do is look at them on the bench because they don’t work with what you have and how you play :slight_smile:

Yes I get you and is very helpful what you explain to me. I have put away Li Xiu and she’s on 3 tier just because I put Boss wolf in a center as a tank but as you sad is god but not really and always I’m thinking like Li Xiu is not good in the team because I have Wu Kong and they are same colour. Now I have a screen shot of my full roster with what I have and teach me witch one is working for defence and attack if you can and have enough time please

,so there is all my roster and I looking forward to hearing from you

Defense From left to right :
Kiril Skittel Boss Li Xui Scarlet
Offense :
Wu LiXui Aegir Scarlet Kiril

Def team personally I’d select li xui sabina kiril gormeck sonya, offence team I’d say wu Kong sabina boldtusk grimm scarlet…

Now my selections are based on what I would use once the hero’s are 3/60 all of them are 4*.
Your also notice that neither team is rainbow, both teams have 2 healers … If you level the hero’s I’ve mentioned above, your have a great basis in which to vary your line ups in def and off. You could also level Mel… As I’ve mentioned in other posts I’d leave your 5* hero’s alone for now, you won’t have the materials to push them to 3/70 and at 2/60 they are basically as useful as a rollsroyce made of toilet paper… Yes in the short term your win cups and lose cups but they have no value, so don’t worry about it either way. If you want to enjoy this game truly, you need to start with a great base to work from… The above hero’s will give you everything your need to be able to complete rare quests, complete events, finish season 1 on the map, regularly hit 20-30k against titans, compete in wars. As well as learn what hero special skills work together… As a quick example boldtusk and kiril don’t work well together because their specials don’t stack and as healers they only heal28%, but sabina and either one work well in same team because she clears enemies buffs ( attack or def boosts) and bt and kiril boost your hero’s attack abilities… Hope this helps… But I’m sure your new alliance will help guide you… Just remember relax don’t get stressed, learn from your new friends and in no time your really love this game

That’s very helpful and I Fallow your suggestion and in mean time I try to upgrade as much as I can

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Man you help me big time and I chose Titan Assassins Rerising as they have invitation only and at least 800 trophy but as I mentioned I use to have 1501 trophy and I go crazy with 1 battle and I just want to clear my trophy to have 0 back again and the leader of the alliance just put down the trophy to be able to join in and she was quite nice and shortly I follow your advice about attack team and defence as well but first I have to level them up to be able to work with them and I saw you don’t mention Skittlescull at all and may I ask you why? I’m aware hes life is not really good but he does attack for all enemies and I’m thinking is kinda useful but you have lots of experience as I saw and that’s why I ask. Just let me know when you have time. Tks Bro

Skittleskull is a good hero, but when attacking I find it better to target a specific enemy hero rather than hit them all a little bit. She is very usable, but my selection were based on the hero’s being 3/60-4/70 and like you said skittle can be a bit squishy (easy to kill). But you might develop a different style of attacking! Once you have a good base of hero’s play around with different options, see what you like, works well for you!
What I would say is that the hero’s I listed are hero’s I’d happily max to 4/70 if I had the materials, some 4* hero’s are very usable but not worth using very hard to get ascending materials on … Good luck

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