Monday is Rare Quest day


With all of the scheduled events, it seems stupid to have a rotation of rare quests with variance at all.

Schedule rare quests for Mondays, to avoid collision with event rotations or emblem quests.


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Schelduling means limiting, lol.
No no no please, I love the activeness (if that’s even a word, lol)


Do you want rare quests every 5-12 days, or do you want them every 7?


5 does me but I am greedy, lol, always looking for stuff to do on here. Like now I have nothing to do except S2 map

Personally I reckon the game has evolved enough that world energy given should bumped up in a 24hr period as we go through them way to fast now.


The issue here is variance. We have gone longer than 7 days several times this year.

I do not want it to vary from 5-12 days. I would like it to be regular, every 7 days on the same day.

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Starting a rare quest on Sundays after alliance wars have wrapped up would be a better time IMO. The length of these rare quests would make them last until the Monday war match making. That’s a decent block of time that could be filled with something more interesting than farming.


I would say that something like this is the same thing:

week x : monday: YES rare quest
week x+1 : monday: YESrare quest
week x+2 : monday: NO rare quest
week x+3 : monday: YES rare quest

3 rare quests in 28days... same as it is right now

and continuing…

week x+4 : monday: YES rare quest
week x+5 : monday: YESrare quest
week x+6 : monday: NO rare quest
week x+7 : monday: YES rare quest >>> 3 rare quests in 28days… same as it is right now


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Shhhh!!! Wasn’t it possible just to go with the every Monday idea and pretend that is the norm already? :wink:

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i suggested the same thing with mystic vision: same amount but different, more “day,than night”-accesible, time gaps.
SG listened and took action. :wink:

So as long as we are not begging for 4*AMs /break the game and keep it equaly as before I think they could implement this one too.