Mok'arr draw :(

Hello im c2p player so i have only one 5* Atena and today i draw , is he worth leveling? I have almost maxed Sabina 2/50 proteus Cyprian and rigard at 1/1 i’ve only Heard that mokarr is worst 5 and even worse than most 4* what made me a little bit sad. What do you Think bout nim?

Completely disagree. The shark is not a top hero but neither is he horribly bad. For PvP/war attacks with 3 or more purples (to avoid that he inflicts too much damage on your own heroes) he is absolutely okay. I would trade all my three Quintusses for one Mok-Arr.

However, I wouldn’t give my first six tabards to him and rather wait for Sartana, Domitia or one of the HoTM, event or Atlantis purples.

Also, max Proteus before even touching Mok-Arr. Proteus is a 5* disguised as 4* :wink: