Mok-har what are you good for?

Just did 5 singles on Atlantis(alt. acct.),i received
Tibertus (D),Sabrina (D), Carver (D), Mor-Kar and some native named Tarlak :+1:
Beside a pure purple stack what M-K good for?

Mok-Arr can proc Inari’s special and make your team gain a lot of mana, Wilbur would reduce the damage taken by your team and share it.

Or you can use him again with Wilbur and with Khiona to increase her buff’s stack in the same round.


Lacking on those heroes but will make a note of your recommendations.
Will be a while before i can work on him, anyway.
Other priorities to ascend.
Enjoy A.R.

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I think he’d be good on a purple mono attack, but that is a highly specialised use to give a hero all those materials. And if you’re going mono you usually win with a good board anyway

I raided someone the other day who had him at tank, so I raided him mono purple and just dropped tiles into him while I powered up and he killed his team for me as he had a rainbow. So don’t use him that way!

Not sure what I’d do if I pulled him, not thinking he is worth the materials


I think he needs a buff or at least a change

He has 2 disadvantages to his SS

  1. Damage team mates
  2. No damage to purple enemies

So he can most only be used in mono purple team
Usu against yellow tank. By the time he charges, tank will be dead. If enemy has one purple, he will have lost another one quarter of his effectiveness.
Only other heroes that may “harm” their team are wu and ranvir, because of the miss. But they give high titan scores.
Mok arrs skill is not so ground breaking that it needs 2 disadvantages to balance it


I swear i was about to simply answer “sushi” and i hate you for stealing me that.
You are like my watchtower now.

I will revenge that :skull:


Thank you for all the inputs,
He is not a priority but i mignt take him to 2/60 and see how bad he is. He may have bought Layla an extention.:laughing:
Not any days soon, anyway.
Have fun farming.

Great minds think alike :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have just taken him to final tier mainly because I was bored and wanted to level someone and I had 12 tabards in case I get a purple I’m actually excited about. I’ll trot him out on my titan team for his stats and see how he does - hopefully he doesn’t kill Wu. Doubt I’ll get too much use out of him otherwise. I pulled him in the last cycle with two featured purples that I wanted so it was basically a d**k punch - He’s the Horghall of S2, imo.


I can’t draw 5* purples but I got that bastard. He is hot garbage and will never get past 1-1 on my account. Hoping hero academy lets me exchange him.

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Don’t put down Horghall like that man. Horghall is god-like compared to Mok-Arr!

Mok-ar doesn’t hurt your team that bad though. Everyone is so worried about the damage allies part but he’s an average mana hero who hits the entire enemy team for 250% with an attack stat over 700, and extra damage to holy enemies. He obviously is great in a purple stack but if you don’t like mono and you use 3/2 teams, mok-Ar and Rigard will both charge at the same time and the 80% damage to allies isn’t as much of a problem as people think it is. 80% to allies but 250% to enemies plus extra damage to holy, it’s a bargain xD Rigard, Tiburtus and Mok-ar are a good trio.


all those are good combinations for the 5% (max) of players who have the required heroes (like MK + Wilbur + Khiona)

x2 pal…I just keep him for the collection

Thanks for all the responses, will keep some in mind, depending on the summons result.
Just went messed around with a yellow titan 2*, with a all purple team (3 & 4*) including Mok at 1/1, did ok. (12000 to 30000, per flags)
It was fun, not many usable tiles but enough to trigger Mok special a couple times. Did some damage even at 1/1.
I think I’m going to take him to 2/60 then if nothing better happen, after doing the others, I’ll level him further and see.
May even use the team in wars and raids.
Could be fun.

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