Mok-Arr skill vs Counter, Dodge, Taunt, and Reflect

I have some quest about Mok-Arr skill that attack ally.

Mok-Arr skill & Ally’s Counter
If someone use Boril and Mok-Arr in same team then use Mok-Arr while Boril’s counter active, will Boril counter Mok-Arr’s damage on ally ?
Mok-Arr skill & Dodge
Can Rogue ally dodge Mok-Arr’s damage on ally ?
Can Inari and Kadilen Costume skill dodge Mok-Arr’s damage on ally and give minion ?
Mok-Arr skill & Taunt and Just a Flesh Wound
If someone use Black Knight and Mok-Arr in same team then use Mok-Arr while Black Knight’s taunt active, can taunt protect ally from Mok-Arr’s damage on ally ?
And can Black Knight’s Just a Flesh Wound reduce Mok-Arr’s damage on ally to 1 ?
Mok-Arr skill & Reflect
Someone use Ursena and Mok-Arr in same team and use that team attack defense team with Guardian Chameleon.
Guardian Chameleon change Mok-Arr’s element to yellow.
Then he use Mok-Arr skill while Ursena’s reflect active, will Ursena reflect Mok-Arr’s damage on ally ?

Yes, so very bad choice, mok damage all and borils counter damages mok

I’m not sure with rogue, but I know that mageret can dodge mok, so it’s safe too assume, that all the other heroes with dodge Sf will work the same.

Again not tested with BK but with QoH, but taunt is taunt. It works, only the taunt hero gets damaged the rest is protected from mok
Just a flash wound will probably work but I can’t guarantee that.

Maybe, wasn’t able to test that, but again the damage dealt to all will be reflected against mok, so he will take the damage. Not sure if that’s better, than all taking a little damage

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@ferg Thank you.

In fact, there are 3 different type of dodge (as far as know)
1.Evade from Rogue - evade dodge only main damage from skill and doesn’t dodge any fixed damage, dispell and aliments.
2.Mageret’s skill, Little John Costume’s skill - dodge skill that do damage (and if successfully dodge will also fixed damage, dispell and aliments too.) but can’t dodge Melendor and Sabina’s dispell.
3.Inari’s skill and Kadilen Costume’s skill - dodge any skill and fixed damage, dispell and aliments from skill, no matter they do damage or not.
But I think it’s safe too assume, that all type of these dodge can dodge Mok-Arr’s damage on ally.

After friendly is available, I think it isn’t hard to test if you and your alliance member have those have those hero.

Thank you of the test.

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