Mok-arr or sargasso

I have Rigard costume, tiburtus costume, Clarissa, domitia and Cheshire Cat fully ascended. Also 12 Tabards. Should I ascend mok-ar or sargasso? And why please .

Mok… No contest.

Mok is sometimes useless (against dark enemies), but hits like a truck the rest of the time.

Sargasso is always next to useless.
His damage is just too low and no enemy healing is so impactful that a healing block is valuable enough to make his damage a worthwhile trade-off.

Mok is a decent hero with a setback in certain cases where you probably wouldn’t be wanting to bring him anyway.
Sargasso is pretty much the worst event hero fullstop.

This isn’t close!

Ps. I may have been too kind to Sargasso.


Cat + Attack buffer + MokArr = damage and a lot of it .

Khiona/Brienne/Black Knight + Wilbur + MokArr = +145% to everyone buffed by the first heroes mentioned.

I like Mok a lot but you need certain heroes to mix him with. CRigard and Cat are good examples :slight_smile:

Particulary, I dislike Sargasso in many points. Also, he is a fighter. Embleming Magni would be better.

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Not with Black Knight - only +65%, taunt pulls to only one hit, spread once.

And Khiona + Wilbur + Mok is excellent, yes, but you need to make sure the other two on the team are not darks.

I think Sargasso is not that bad, He is quite effective against those heal over time heroes, and the ones who increases max health. Firing after Tiburtus and combined with poison means almost sure death for hit enemies.

On the opposite Mok Arr is better for a mono team and versus titans.

None of them are useful in defense.

I recently maxed Mok and have really enjoyed him. I use him with Ursena and Tiburkiss with the three of them on nine tiles, which is a fun combo. His friendly damage is low enough to be irrelevant, but his zero damage to darks means he can’t be the true center of your attack team.

I don’t have Sargasso, but even after his buff he seems lackluster. I’d have no qualms about doing Mok first.

None of them will take talents. Gm , cazlar and Malosi have all the talents of mok. And Magni has all talents from sargasso.

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