Mok-arr needs to be rethought

He seems to be terrible and according to the feedback from the community many players don’t even bother to bring him to 3/70. In my alliance a player feeded him just get the slot.
Telling that I share the opinion of @Mr.Sabaton and few others that this hero is just bad and I do agree with all the people that are raising their hands for to SG to rework/buff this hero.
I was waiting for a purple 5 star and got him in a single pull (waited for that since 2y) gives me the feeling of punishment rather than happiness and to be lucky once. Worst hero through single pull and within 30 pulls nothing.
I really hope that SG will get notice of that thread and will take some action

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I can say “I like Mok-Arr” (and admit I don’t have him yet)…

I’m not sure that translates into SG moving him up the food chain for updating. I know they do that periodically—and usually not on my timetable. :wink:

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I just used a war defense with Mok-Arr just becuase I could.

Mok-Arr 3/70 Khiona +9 Athena +5 (Blue tanks) Kunchen +9 Seshat +5

Took 5 flags to kill me twice. It performed better than I thought.

I like him and may give him my next set of tabbards over Sartana…(call me crazy)


Mok-Arr isn’t the worst hero in the game, but I’d never give him Tabards.

To be honest, if I had to pick a hero to be “fixed”, it would be Atomos.

Back to Mok though: I think the main issue with him is also being a 5* from an Atlantis Family that has very strange legendary heroes. Misandra isn’t reliable, Tarlak is squishy and designed for Titans. Mok is a big “wait, what?” card.

I agree with the person who mentioned that Beta testing fully maxed heroes is tricky, especially with these Season 2 special Portal (pricier) heroes.

I hope SGG learns from Mok and Atomos and don’t release such fillers to S3.

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Would like to see people’s reactions if they pulled a master Lepus! Sure does hit hard but does leave him with a defence down!
Like wu Kong is god! But danza gets beef because he can miss?


Put me in the “Mok Arr isn’t bad” bucket. I gave him tabbards and haven’t regretted it for a second. You don’t even have to use mono for him to thrive. I use Mok, Panther and Tibs along with a healer and a different color hero for my 5th and those 3 wreck teams


Did you give him emblems? Which way did you go?

I am planning on maxing him and using him with a mix and Wilbur. Or some type of defense down as I don’t have Panther.


I really liked Mok growing up but I feel that Ursena has made him irrelevant.


Nope no emblems. My barbarian emblems went to grave so None left to spare lol but boosting Mok-Arr’s attack with Emblems would only make him hit harder which is never a bad thing. He would definitely pair very nicely with Wilbur

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My other Barbarians are BT and Gretal so I have some I could give Mok-arr and I think I will.

I should have the tabbards after Halloween event as long as the offer with a tabbard isn’t one of the last ones. I’ll pay 9.99 for a tabbard and gems.

I look forward to using him as I think he could be better than some give him credit for. I know I hated him when I first saw him.


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If you use Tiburtus then it means your level is not very high. I mean you do not have deep bench. And that means you are limited with purple 5* heroes. For example I have Sartana, Victor, Hel, Kageburado, 2 Seshats, Kunchen and Marie-Theresa maxed. Am I going to max Mokk-Ar? No, better to max another Kageburado, Hel, Victor, Kunchen and some other 5* purple heroes.
Mokk-Ar is ok if you do not have other options. If you have then Mokk-Ar is in the end of the list.

I have 5 Mok-Arrs sigh (pulled 3 when he wasn’t featured), so theoretically, I could run an all Mok-Arr team. I have 1 at 3-70 and the others are at 1-1. Not that I would spend 16 more trap tools on the others, but that would be interesting to watch :slight_smile: . As for his usefulness, I haven’t found one. I tried him in a 3-2 with grave and wilbur and that underwhelmed me. I only run mono-purple vs titans, but I do run a 4-1 in war so I suppose if a team had yellow wings, I could try it. He’s just too niche to be useful

156K in 3 flags on a yellow 8* with this team

He will get tabbards before Sartana, Quintus, and Obakhan…

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I disagree.

I’d rather have variety. Sure he probably won’t get a ton of use but I will have fun trying to find the perfect team to run with him.

When I finally get him maxed I am going to try raiding with him. I think it’ll be fun and a good challange.

With my other options they wouldn’t be so fun. I don’t have anywhere for Sartana, Quintus, or Obakhan to go. Actually before I drew Mok-Arr, Quintus was gonna get maxed. I wanted to play around with him with emblems and the delay added to his mack truck.

I run my mono purple on about 9 of 10 raids. DO NOT care the tanks I have fought and destroyed boss wolf +, Urseana + Kage + and Kunchin +… I took my mono purple to #27 globaly. Kage+5, Sartana+6, Kunchin 3/70,and two Seshat 3/70s. Ran this team the whole time.

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I finished him and have been raiding with this team…

Seshat isn’t perfect there for her dispell but she is a threat. I can time her special and use the lil minions.

It’s been working out ok. It is quite fun though so I will take it.


Yes, make some noise, improve

Please seek imput from others. Mok-Arr needs better special powers for a 5* hero. Damage to own team to much.

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Fair but it isn’t a ton and if you use him right he is quite devastating. Try him out, don’t just base it on his special.

I can’t remember/find if I’ve post on this thread before or not, so here goes… as I’m F2P I’m really quite happy getting any 5 star, I got “lucky” and pulled a Mok a few months ago. That being said I only took him to 2.60 then I pulled an Obakan, and another Obakan, I was told to level fast mana heroes in priority, so Obakan #1 got my first set of tabards, However I plan to max Mok with my next set.

REASON. Mok and Obi are both barbarians, and bleed damage occurs more often than you would think, and it STACKS. With just Obakan I’ve seen bleed damage stack up to around 700 per turn on a titan, soooo throw in another hero with that same chance , and who knows maybe I’ll get it up to 1400. despite all the hate the shark king gets. I still like him and am happy I’ve pulled him. Cheers.

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