Mok arr level up or not

Hi guys. I have mok arr 3/70 and yesterday i win mine 6 tambards. Is the only purple 5* hero i have. What you think. Level up or wait other purle hero. I have alredy level up proteus rigard costume and tiburtus.

Rigard-C - Tibutus-C - Mokk-arr (trio) should be devasting… I do not have Mok-arr though.
But IMO,… I would wait until I can get 10 tabard.


An interesting and cool synergy that people overlook with mok arr:

The other major application for Mok-Arr is in offence if you run Purple heavy attack. 4-1 or 5-0 can be extremely effective with Mok-Arr as you recieve none/ very little of the “downside” to his ability.


That is a tiwsted condoronum . Are you 4☆ roster depth enough ? If so and you please to max Mok Ar go ahead. Hes simply a beast on offense. He has bad reputation because if you face him on a defense team you simply bring a purple team and mok ar would damage his own mates instead of you.
On the other hand on offense you control directly who you pair the shark to. Its preferibly to pair him with purples as @jinbatsu said above.

In clonclusion. Hes not bad only that is not suited to be on a defense team.


^This! Best with lvl 5+ mana troops on C.Rigard and C.Tibertus and lvl 23+ mana troop on Mok-Arr.
9 purple tiles = BOOM

I recommend having another sniper on the team as well to finish off the enemy’s purple hero since Mok-Arr won’t do dmg to the opposing defense’s purple hero.


starting to work on him now… so glad I pulled him. For my mono it’ll be: c Rigard, c Tiburtus, Ursena, Mok Arr and Hel… but i think that team of Gullinbursti, Wilbur, Ursena, Mok Arr and maybe c Rigard or tibs could be crazy too.

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I use Mok regularly in my purple stack. Don’t regret maxing him at all.


I ascended Mok as my first dark 5*. He’s 4.40(ish) now

I had more tabards though, so that made the decision easier.

I’m levelling the shark now and I do like him once finshed I prob will emblem as have no barbarian. In a raid his bit weak as only 4/30 he won’t go on my defence but for titan war and raid also trails, def be using alot.

This is weird… Today I have been seeing a lot or Mok-Arr tanks at +19 and +20 (I didn’t pay attention to who else was in the teams).
It stuck out to me because I very rarely see a Mok-Arr, especially as a tank, but today when skipping through raids, rerolling 2 full sets of flags, I must have seen about 4 or 5 total.

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I greatly covet Mok Arr for my purple war team, who currently includes cRigard (+19), cSartana, Clarissa, Sartana and Domitia. He would replace Domitia in that stack.

Tank? Just bring mono purple and slam tiles into mokarr. Your take zero damage from him and he’ll deal damage to his non-purple teammates. LOL


The ones I was seeing were only worth less than 20 trophies (go figure lol), so I was rerolling past them. I like to aim for a 30/30 at least.

TBH it’s basically a non-issue anyway - his damage to your own heroes is very, very low (even with holy teammates it’s not really relevant).

I’ve been saying the rest for a while - he’s useful in certain niche situations to bring synergies into play.

But beyond that… Early 5* game? He’s just a powerful AoE attacker - useful offensively, and defence doesn’t really matter enough to stop you. Maybe a more versatile hero would be a wiser choice but he’s not a waste of mats in the way that some heroes are.

This ^^. And, two more things. As buffed recently, Mok-Arr is decent and hard hitting, but still situational. You shouldn’t use him on a
defense team, since he does not damage enemy purples. So your opponents, can simply stack purples and then pour tiles into Mok-Arr. He is great in a purple stack. But, if he’s your only purple 5* go ahead and level him up and have some fun with him, keeping in mind you will want other purples around him.

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Unless you maybe have Chameleon to do some elemental magic…

I set this defense team for fun and to cup drop overnight…(y’all know - two worst 5* defense heroes in the game according to the forum) and for some month now they almost never drop below 2500 cups. I wish i could raid this team sometime :smile:


Yeah, true! at the moment im using Wilbur, C. Rigard and Mok-arr sequence, with sometimes Margaret in the midle to evade Moks Special… its a nice combo… im hoping to summon BK someday to complete my dream team :smiley:

Mokarr at tank is completely stupid, and on war dfense - its like playing 5 against 4 if you run mono purple against him

LOL. We had previously encountered in alliance wars 2 alliances having uni-purple tanks and some used Mok-Arr. Told my alliance to use monopurple and dump tiles on Mok-Arr tanks. Obviously we won.

Oh here’s a question… If Mok-Arr goes off right next to an active Elena, would she counterattack her own teammate?

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