Mok-Arr Hero Discussion

I pulled him during the last alantis summon and was excited at first then I looked at his special. I just dont really see much use for him because no one will ever really run a all purple team. If anyone has any defense for him please put it below or if you agree please tell me why.Screenshot_20181021-103135_Empires

I run 4 purple + Wu against yellow titans, and I sometimes raid with an all purple team against Guin

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In situations like that he is useful but otherwise he is a very unusable 5* which kinda ruins the point of pulling a 5* like that unless ur really high leveled. If some new player pulled him he would have the choice to dump more money in or suffer and have him on a rainbow team

Or just park him on the bench and wait until he is in a position to use him well

That’s what I’m currently doing :slight_smile:

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I would love him in my monoteam. Now Sabina, Tibs, aeron, Merlin, sarti. Would exchange him with Sabina.

He doesn’t have much use, except on an all purple team which is rarely useful.

Bench him, maybe they’ll tweak him eventually.

I have him at 3/70. You don’t really need an all purple team. I use him in a three-purple team for raids against Guin and other yellow tanks, plus Wilbur and someone else. The damage done to your own team isn’t that high. What really annoys me though is that he’s literally useless against other purples. If it so happens that Mok-Arr is the last one standing and the opponent also has a purple left, his special does nothing.


There are/were a couple of of very informative Mok-arr threads. Pairing him with Wilbur and Khiona, vidoes and some more info. Search for it. :+1:


Just pulled him. Can’t c myself using him except on an all dark team. Dark is my strongest color by far. Maybe after I get enuf of them stronger. However, I have plenty of gr8 5* that I would use b4 I take him off the bench…worst pull ever​:sob::sob::sob:

You have a lot of work ahead of you, I see. But yes, Mok-Arr is underwhelming.


Lol oh these r only the dark 5*. I do have a lot of work 2 do. I think I’m going 2 stop pulling for a while​:joy::joy:


Just did atlantis summons and pulled Mok-Arrrrggh! on 0.2% chance. There seem to be a bunch of purple 5*’s that need tweaking. I only have 4 other fives including Obakan in purple who isn’t great either. Of course Quintus has a poor rap. But the purple 4’s are generally great except cyprian. Proteus #2, Merlin #2 and Rigard are going to get fed first.

I’ve had Mok-Arr 4/80 for awhile now and like her very much. I use her in war and have only lost twice. I now have her with Peters 4/70 (14 talent), Sabina 3/33, Ammeona 3/33, and Horghall 3/17. Many times I am able to find a team with no purples and that works well. Even with one purple on the opposing team, i have won. I guess it all depends upon how you use her. :upside_down_face:

And sometimes my Mok-Arr team even beats teams that have 300 team points higher than mine. But i like to use the odd ones: Danzaburo, Muggy. :smile:

I think the devs think that Mok arr’s total dmg output is too high (250% to all at avg speed), so they put in not 1, but 2 drawbacks

But because of how common dark heroes are in def, he hardly ever hits all 5 opponents. His total dmg output is not as high as imagined

No other hero has 2 drawbacks to their skill. Mok arr is over nerfed.


I just got Mok-arr in my Atlantis summon, was hoping for Alberich. :sob::sob: Being a CTP player I was pretty bummed. Now I’m starting to rethink him after playing with him a bit. He’s pretty fun! This game is such a grind to get resources I find I like characters that shake it up. Putting him on a team with Cheshire Cat is pretty funny. Mok-arr is damaging my own team while Cheshire is literally shaking the enemies around. I feel a maniacal laughter, lol. A team of misfits.

He’s definitely not the best character, but you can play this game in many different ways, which is what I like; he’s a keeper for me.


I think the issue with Mok-Arr is that he is utterly useless on defense. When are you going to run an all or mostly purple defense team? That’s not including the 80 damage to allies.

Offensively, I can see where he’d be useful. But again, you would probably be bringing a mono or mostly purple team.

I think the main issue is the drawbacks are so crippling that why would anyone want to put Tabards into such a niche use case hero? He’s almost as useless as Margaret.

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I recently ran into a raid defense team with Mok-Arr at tank. My plan - bring an all dark team, drop tiles on Mok, let him fire and kill the rest of his team.

I was disappointed to see that he really didn’t do much damage to the other heros, less than 100 to each. I did win, but not because of his damage to his team.

I agree he’s not much on defense, but maybe not as bad as I thought.


Keep him on your bench and miss out. He’s fun.

I’ve defended him enough so I am not going to bother anymore. Used correctly he can kill. Works with Wilbur too.