Mok-Arr and Aegir

Hello everyone,

Has anybody tried these 2 together?

Let’s say there are only Aegir and Mok-Arr left in battle. Aegir goes off and gives Mok-Arr shared damage. Then Mok-Arr goes off, what would happen?

1/ Mok-Arr causes 80% damage to allies, so Aegir would normally absorb this 80% damage.

2/ Since Aegir has given Mok-Arr shared damage received (50% in this case), he would only receive 40% damage.

3/ Since Mok-Arr himself is purple, he wouldn’t receive this 50% shared damage.

4/ But Aegir gives shared damage so the damage received should be equally shared. Would this keep going until close to 0 damage.

So eventually Aegir is kinda immune to Mok-Arr’s damage given to allies? Or would it just stop at 2/?

I’m pretty sure that shared damage skips elemental checks (same with riposte damage), so they should both take the 40% damage.


Here’s an example I can show. S2 9-10 Hard has Mok-Arr. My team has 3 purples, Wilbur & Boril. Their ability are in effect when Mok-Arr’s SS goes off.

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My head just exploded…

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Would be cool tho if they make Aegir immune to Mok-Arr’s special like that. That way both heroes would be useful together and stop being hated too much… :slight_smile:

The real question is that Mok-Arr doesn’t do damage to purple heroes. So then, have you effectively cut the damage dealt in half, since the damage shared would be from Mok-Arr and doesn’t work on purple?

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Yes, but it was because Aegir already went off. If he didn’t, then he’d receive 80% right.

Others said when that damage reflected from Aegir, Mok-Arr will absorb that 40% although he is purple, which I find kinda conflicting.

Why don’t you throw Boss Wolf into the mix as well.

The 3 stooges, Mock us, Agar, Boss Pup.

Hard to think hard to ascend one them let alone the 2 you mention,

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I got Boss Wolf and Owl in my defense team… Have been trying to figure out how to use Aegir and Mok-Arr… :smiley:

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Mother of god… you’re a monster. :rofl:

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Kinda effective tho. This is my defense record for the last 90 minutes. :smiley:


Please don’t put Mok-Arr at the tank position.



Maybe I’d flank Mok Arr with 2 purples. Alby and Mother North at the corner. lol

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