🔱 Mok-Arr – 5* Dark/Purple from Season 2

Then it’s time for Clarissa (200% damage to all and DoT), Odin and Krampus to fire.

But maybe you get lucky to get a third match to fire mist before. Lucky boards always win when stacking.

On a serious note, I think a defense should be about bringing as much different threats as possible. All heroes can easily be countered, but against a well formed team you need to pick your poison. In this case, you see Mokky as the biggest threat and people say that he sucks in defense, how?

Points is that in yellow stack with malosi and jackal you counter biggest threats with 6 tiles only and usually laso kill at least one. Thats why dark tanks arent optimal, especially after malosi release

Point is, since this is a Mok-arr thread, that you see Mokky as the biggest threat in a defense with Krampus, Clarissa, Odin, and Lianna which all are above average defenders.

Is quite a decent grade for Mokky.

Yellows against Mok-arr :smiley:

No wonder why you create that many nerf thread :smiley:

Yellows with jackal and malosi charging in 6 tiles -no wonder why you dont have a clue about game

And i never started thread about nerfing anyone, whats your point?

Not sure about that as I don’t have Odin. Maybe he helps to hasten mok’s special But it would be interesting to build a team around mok. You bait a yellow stack then see mok destroy them with his special. Or the opponent brings a dark stack to play defensively against mok, but falls to all the other teammates

How would you suggest they improve Mok-arr?

There is always a caveat for the high damage AoE hitters. Otherwise the hero will be OP. Killhare with her defense debuff. Usena with the conditional damage. Atomos also with conditional damage.

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What is the percentage of the extra damage against Holy ?

It’s 40% extra damage = 310%.

bringing this back up because i pulled him today during AR.

tbh, i haven’t seen much action from mok-arr in defense. does anyone have any experience using him either in defense / offense?

i’m cautious of giving him resources because i’m not too impressed by his stats and i’m not sure if his ‘damage to allies’ is significant during battle.

i usually run 3-2 teams so even if i have 3 purples, he’s still gonna hurt the other 2 allies :frowning:

He’s not a defence hero. Like at all. But that’s ok, he doesn’t need to be.

What he needs is some support. If you have C.Tibs & C.Rigard that’s your 3 if you play 3-2. His damage to allies isn’t significant to the other 2 but if you fire him after those 2 you’ll see some damage landing. Purple is ignored but in the current Bela/Freya world that’s actually not a terrible thing. You can leave that hero to last.

You want 2 decent hitty friends with you if going 3-2 I’d say. Mok will do some serious damage but you’ll want some snipers/hit 3 to come and finish off what he starts.

As I said on our alliance chat, he’s not terrible. Which is to say he’s not the best but in the right hands and with the right support you’d get play from him. Average speed with a strong hit all (albeit not purple) is still fairly rare. Sure there’s now Fast hit all like Freya but you can’t compare apples and oranges. For an average speed his damage output is very good


He needs certain heroes to work with his limitations, but with the right heroes he absolutely can excel. I have g Chameleon to change enemy typing, so his disadvantage to dark enemies was never a problem to me.

Given he’s S2, his stats would not be as great compared to an S3 to S4. But it would suffice as of now.
I find his recoil damage on allies to not be significant, it just kind of tickles them. That recoil damage can work with certain heroes too. You can try to get garjammal. With mok, her HOT can be chained quite efficiently


I have him for like forever but never actually used him extensively. He cannot hold his own, and doesnt have enough power to justify building a whole team around him. When S2 was new, he was kinda ok (Ursena is still a direct upgrade to him), but as S3 and S4 came with way more powerful skills and way better hero stats, he is just a waste of roster space IMO. Yeah if you desperately want to make him do decent, you can but its better using another purple instead. His downsides are too significant (especially the inability to hit purple enemies) and his skill doesnt justify that, if you have other non S1 purples, use those and forget about the shark.

On defense he just doesn’t work.
On offense he can be great, but there are now a lot more dark heroes who are better. Without knowing which other heroes you have, how many tabbards and if you summon a lot I can’t really recommend him.
The other dark S2, S3 and S4 heroes are better, if you have them ascend them before.

But if you don’t have them, and have enough mats you can probably max mok. I liked him a lot, high damage at average speed. Also the damage on allies can be used, there are heroes who need to get hit to maximize there effects (gulli, khiona, brienne…) pair them with wilbur and mok and you are already on max without waiting for the enemy to hit you.
Or pair him with dodge heroes, I really liked the combination with mageret, his damage is minimal so if they don’t dodge you don’t loose much and if they dodge you gain mana (or minions with inari)

He is for sure not the best dark hero around, not even close, but he can be useful.

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Now that we are way past S2 so the coins from every loot source other than the sea dragons during AR were removed he is more rare or harder to obtain than Killhare who is basically Mok-arr done right. Both are build around the same principle, great offensive power but at a cost.
Mok does 270% at avg speed, with extra dmg against holy at the cost of not hitting any purple enemies (so in most cases he is not an AoE but a hit 4, which means he loses 20% of his power) and a small amount a team damage to non purples which means it forces the player to play him a certain way (Mono or 4 stack).
The bunny does 20% more damage at the same speed, hits everyone, has way better defense stat while having the exact same attack stat and only 18 point lower Hp than the shark, and she also has a better class talent and extremely usable on defense, not just offense. And all this comes at the cost of -20% attack for 4 heroes for 3 turns. No forced mono play, extremely versatile, no team damage.
Forget the shark, he was never good, he was always very niche and even in that very small niche there are way better heroes.

i have clarissa, hel and sartana maxed and emblemed to some degree so he isn’t the best 5* purple on my roster.

I do agree that he does decent hit all damage and it makes sense that he has drawbacks to balance it out. it just seems in Mok-Arr’s case that the drawbacks are quite harsh (as compared to other heroes in a similar position).

I see what you mean that it takes a very specific team synergy to maximize his use. unfortunately, i don’t think i have the right guys :frowning:

thanks! this was what i was wondering when i made my post. i don’t have garjammal but i might get him to 3/70 and try him with different heroes to see what works best. I’d likely leave him at 3/70 though, unless they buff his stats in the future

It’s -20% defence to the team, not attack. However, if you have JF, it can be turned into +20% defence. Good news. And I do have JF. Now all I need is Killhare… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for the shark, he can’t hurt dark allies any more than he can hurt dark enemies. An ideal candidate for a mono stack - but definitely Killhare would come first, given the option.

Yeah right, my bad. Still the shark is trash, he is very very niche and he isnt even top in his own niche. Especially now with the raid formations when hit 3 heroes can work as AoE in certain setups the shark has nothing going for him. Bera and Freya tanks are the meta so most teams have at least 1 purple which means the shark cannot even reach the “potential” listed on his card. He is a waste of roster space, i dont even consider using him even in the ninja event or Tol.

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