🔱 Mok-Arr – 5* Dark/Purple from Season 2

Right now I have Victor (+9), Clarissa (+3), Domitia (4/80), c-Tiburtus (+19), c-Quintus (4/80). c-Rigard (4/80), Proteus (+10), Chesire Cat (3/70), Gafar (3/70).

I rarely use mono. I use to run 3-2 teams. I have Grimble, Obakan and Mokk at 1/1 (and 3 more Clarissa).

I think it’s Mokk time.

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With Rig-© and Tibs, Mokky will be capable of doing some real damage.

By the looks of your other options, Mokky would be who I’d ascend if in your position.

Please come back and share your experiences, good or bad.

Fingol, if you have Costumed Quintus, Sharky will be barely an upgrade to him. The one advantage is the mana speed. Even with costume bonus, you’ll need high 29 level mana troop to make Quintus average (10 tiles), whereas with the 23 lvl mana troop Sharky will become ‘functionally fast’ (9 tiles).

Thus, the question is whether you need another purple AoE (in this case almost AoE :smile:), so you’ll use him in wars/trials etc. You know, just not to waste those ascension mats on someone who will be sitting on the bench. I needed someone like him (purple AoE), hence it was almost no brainer for me :slight_smile:


I have G chameleon, so no dark enemies are safe against my mok. Pair him with Clarissa and cham and they will inflict pain against any dark enemies

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I pulled Mok yesterday. Can he really be that bad? 270% to all at average.

I could see him in a corner in a poor man’s Killhare role. Frigg and Odin as flanks. Can’t be that bad even if Odin will suffer.

I mean, Killhare is maybe the best in that situation dealing 300% to all and Mok-arr is not miles away.

I don’t think mok is really that bad. I too got him yesterday and have been raising him up because he works well with my chameleon to turn the tables around dark enemies.
Even outside of using cham he still has powerful qualities. Pair him with Clarissa and they can punish holy enemies really well. He is even more offensive than killhare as he is barbarian so he might be better given a crit troop instead because he can crit and bleed with tile damage. If that crit carries on into bleed damage, it is devastating amounts of DOT. But this goes for every barbarian I guess
I think Either mok or killhare performs differently depending on the team. More holy enemies, mok is better. But generally killhare hits harder of more enemies and is usually the finisher of any match
The 50% damage to all allies really isn’t that much, they might as well just remove it at this point

I could do for example Lianna - Clarissa - Krampus - Odin - Mokky.

The obvious issue is that attacker brings dark but will he against this team? And if he brings yellow because of two darks and to slow down Odin, Mokky got them.

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Yeah, with this you can bait for Holy enemies, Mok’s attacks to his teammates could be taunted by krampus anyways. And that increases his defence along the way but why lianna? No healers mean krampus is only a meat shield.

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I’ve been more successful in defense without healers. As long as krampus keeps everyone alive until they all fire, I should be good.

Also, Krampus minions are kind of pseudo healing.

Most top defenses don’t have healers either.

Let’s talk about Mok Arr.
I pulled him from Atlantis before yesterday and wanted test him. But I saw his attack doesn’t work on dark enemies.
That’s I can’t understand. I’m regret that I did x10.

What is your problem with it?

Put him in your dark stack against holy tanks and everything’s fine.


You got Mokky on a 10-pull and are complaining?

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use the search read up about him. Many of thread about him. Good bad etc.
I took the negatively against him away and looked on the positive that people said, this shark does damage and with the right people does even more, as someone who has played with him then people who haven’t. Sure there better dark 5* but do you have them?

the biggest problem with this current meta is that there is no hero that can deal extra damage to dark yet. If mok is on Def, opponents will use more darks to avoid the damage, but there is no real way like deals extra damage to dark to punish and pressure these teams.
He works fine right now but would prefer that he got buffed to 300% like killhare. The dark immunity is still a handicap and this is a way to compensate with damage

This is my opinion mate. You should respect that.
Zero damage to purple just annoyingly

How about sitting him next to Odin?

If you stack purple to nullify Mokky, excess yellow tiles will give Odin powerful hits.


But you know what a forum is for and how it works, right?


I would counter mist-jackal-sif-malosi-guilibursti (or c rigard)

Mokky would like. 310% damage to all.

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6 yellow tiles on board(no matter where) and he is dead,same as with ursena