@mods option?

Is it an idea now we have some new highly appropriated mods that we get an @mod function?
For example there are now several topics about if morlovia is worth the exp and such.
Would be very convenient if we could just use @mods and ask them to merge these threads instead of @ all of them seperately.

When used all mods get a notification and maybe see that is directed at the mods instead of them personally


As far as I know, discourse.org only allows you to message a group.

But currently only Mods can message other Mods.

Mods messaging Mods can be found here:


+1 again you are with the best replay :smile:

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No I don’t want to message them.
Instead of using @Gryphonknight (but then with rook and all other new mods so you would get 4 @.xxxxxx mentions) you would use @mods and all 4 get a notification telling: HarryDeB mentioned mods in toppic; @mods option?

Not all of them are doing same forum job.
And may have different time zones.
This may make a big distruction to them all if that function been used.
Imagin 10+ players doing this in 10+ topics in some replays.
I can think of how they may feel about that.
After all they have life too, don’y you think so? :slight_smile:


I agree with you.

It also permanently shows up in their notification queue.

I click on Users (linky, linky),

Then search the page for Mod, and @ the first two on the page.

Top 2 currently are Kerridoc and JonahTheBard. Rook is third place and Coppersky is not on this week’s forum User leader board.


I am ranking higher than @Rook
Wow I feel good lol hahahha.
This is a gold factor my friend @Gryphonknight

Lol! It makes me feel good to see players ranking up there! They should be. :wink:


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