Mods delete Thread


Alright I’m over it. Mods please delete this thread. Obviously the Developers didn’t care.

Mods Delete Thread, Thanks!

Too bad, so sad.
Roll with the punches dude.


How about, voicing concerns to the the developers so they can learn that there are players here who think this is a bad idea? Much better than just “rolling with the punches”. That’s what an idea forum is for right? Free R&D and market research support for the development team.


A great example of what I am talking about by another player!


Posts like this create a toxic/hostile atmosphere for an otherwise civil community. Why not try a little constructive diplomacy?


Trying to get the word out!!! What ever it takes. Characters like BoldTusk do not need to be reduced. Either make better 5s, have a more direct path to purchasing 5s. Other players who complain about tough characters like Boldtusk need to work on their strategy. I had to, and glad I did. If I can take a crappy team and make good with or grind until I get good characters so can everyone else. Complaining to to Developers that something is to tough really defeats the purpose and challenge of the game.

And yes my abrasive approach is such on purpose. It’s about getting attention to the concern which in this case has to do with messing up good heroes in the game people either paid top dollar for or worked real hard to get.


Developers!!! I just saw this!!!
“◦Boldtusk : max healing of Special Skill decreased from 32% to 27%”


STOP reducing or nerfing characters!!! This is not the point of the game.

You work hard to get cool characters, like Boldtusk and then because someone else whines and complains, STOP listening to those complainers. Yes it’s a tough characters, but guess what, it is suppose to be. When people get beat down by a Boldtusk they are suppose to WANT THAT CHARACTER so they can have the same fun as the other guy who has them. You are not going to lose players over tough characters. You will lose me and get a crappy review for nerfing characters because a cry baby minority can’t handle the game at their level 6.
You guys already ruined Gunnar, when I just barely got him. You ruin this character and others I quit! What is the point of being excited to earn and get tough characters on your team if all you are going to do is reduce their ability. TOO STUPID!!!


I use 2 boldtusk I have to now upgrade healers when I find them a switch them I have spent hundreds on this game not to mention hours and I get a reply with how I should ask a question


Speak for yourselves. I’m happy about this.

I’m all for anything that removes an I win button from the game.


I would agree with you if Boldtusk really was an “I Win” button. He is not. I don’t have him and so far have beat teams with him as he was. So I am unsure that he is the issue some people seem to think he is. Rather, what I see is a few people who just hate that they have to build up their teams to deal with powerful heroes. They want to win from the start. Where is the challenge in that?

Of course that is just my point of view as someone who has spent a lot of time building the team I have so I could deal with other teams in game. :relaxed: