Modify Grimble to remove Fiends as well

Grimble is great against minions, and he would be even better if he could clear fiends from your team while providing the same mana bonus and perhaps a heal when fiends are removed.

I’m certain there will be a new hero that does this. As of right now, I don’t think Grimble needs this. It only helps those that were lucky enough to get him (me included).


I was thinking they could make a modification as they did with Uraeus when fiends were first introduced. The heal makes sense because he is a cleric class. The mana boost is just part of the minion removal mechanic, so it seems logical to apply it when removing fiends.

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Sure…why not make one of the most powerful heroes in the current meta MORE powerful? LOL. I’m guessing you have a Grimble?


It’s more about seeing minion and fiend heroes working together on defenses. You can only have so many healers to get rid of the fiends. I think a hero that could remove fiends in the same way that Grimble removes minions would be a great counter to fiend casters. I just think giving this to Grimble would allow one to save a slot on their attack team for the fiend counter.

I don’t think Grimble is really that powerful against the minion teams. He still needs support to get the job done because he’s not fast, he’s not tanky and he doesn’t hit for much damage. Minion removal and mana are the two main benefits of using him if you can get his special off.

I think you’ve not gone far enough.

When you fire Grimble he should just race around doing laps and any time there’s a minion or a fiend he gobbles them up like PacMan and poops out mana boost.

I could get behind voting for that.


What do you mean if you can get his special off, do you use a Mana troop? 9 tiles is essentially fast speed in most circumstances, on off occasions I can charge 8 tile heroes before grimble but not often…

I should add that my primary purple team is one of my most effective teams due VS bera and Freya tanks due to grimble… He has tanky stats as well and works well with direct hitters where you can pick off one by one and he sweeps the minions and gives some Mana back to the team.

But to say that he is slow due to average Mana, that just means you are not allocating Mana troops properly.

Have you ever used Grimble in attack? It’s one of the best way to counter all those minion makers. Obviously, he needs more support from other heroes to destroy the enemy team, but he might give and extra turn of special attacks if there are enough minions to be destroyed.

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Why would they change the mechanics of a past hero to fit today’s meta when they can just release a new hero that you need to spend to get?

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He’s not? LOL…ok. Check his stats again.


SGG should introduce new HOTM as Grimble’s goat riding wife, Gramble. Grimble goes out to slay the minions while Gramble stays home to clear the fiends. :joy:


It has basically all been replied to already, but… I have seen very few statements on this forum that are more inaccurate than this. And that is saying A LOT.

  • Not including the very newest minion counters that I haven’t bothered to learn about, Grimble joins Skadi as the very best minion counters in the game. Grimble is a bit more versatile in terms of the teams you can build him with, and is more fun to use. Skadi is more effective (probably) but you basically build a team around keeping her alive.

  • His damage output is MASSIVE once he kills a few minions. At 10 minions or so he does more equivalent damage than any of the big hitters in the game

  • He is a 9 tile hero. That is fast enough.

  • Minion removal and mana gain are absolutely the point of his special! That is literally why he is there

  • Of course he needs support! What hero in this game can win single-handedly? There are a very few handful of heroes that can win as a pair but with exceptional circumstances. Other than that it is all about building TEAMS of 5 to work together to win

He is pretty OP in the minion meta and you want to make him more than doubly OP… Wow.


Good idea,… maybe his costume will be eating fiends…and slows enemies mana per fiend eaten!

There’s a new hero currently in beta that destroys all fiends, so don’t count on any upgrades of old heroes :wink:

why only Grimble? This selfless suggestion was only posted because you have grimble yourself…

Don’t worry, grimble will get very relevant soon when those Chinese heroes are in the meta, almost 80% of the cast spawn minions

I remember how much Gimble was criticized as soon as he came out. With all these heroes spawning minions he is an exceptional hero today! Happy to have given him 6 tunics and I think he should remain the hero he is. There is no point in improving it or making it do anything else. For now, Esme and Guillard exist to eat fiends. Others will surely come out.

Here, @Homaclese video on grimble. His skill is perfectly balanced already, no need to do anything extra like removing fiends

Now with all these amazing slow and very slow (alfrike, viscaro, tree, fraznz, lugi among the omes i use) heroes - many in purple - he is even better than he was before