Moderate amount of mana VS. mana increase

Can someone please tell me what % mana increase correlates with each turn of moderate amount of mana? For example, how many turns of moderate amount of mana is equivalent to 10% mana increase roughly? Trying to understand which of the two specials is more appealing. Sorry if this is a dumb question :sweat_smile:


Moderate amoutn of mana is usually 0.8 tiles amount of mana.

So for very fast heroes it is increasing tha man by: 12.3%
Fast heroes: 10%
Average heroes: 8%
Slow heroes: 6.66%
Very slow heroes: 6%


Someone asked me on line some time ago so I did the research:

  • for element link mana gift (like for Devana), it’s 0.32 tiles (it was nerfed some time ago)
  • for small amount of mana gift, it’s 0.50 tiles
  • for moderate amount of mana gift, it’s 0.80 tiles

Thing to note is that it’s an absolute amount of mana, not %-based and thus will help faster heroes more.

So for a %-based amount, you need to do the math like @PlayForFun did above.


@Elioty33 @PlayForFun thank you both, that’s super helpful and exactly what I wanted to know :slight_smile:


Usually it says on the card;
E.g. moderate amount of mana over 3 turn (Toxicandra) or 4 turns etc

Does this means that if moderate amount mana is 10% for fast hero, that the hero get those 10% over 3 turns, i.e. ca 3.3%/turn in the coming 3 turns?

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It is per turn.
So for an Average hero it is 3 *10% in total if the effect lasts 3 turns.

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Is the 0.32 post-nerf or pre-nerf?

Post-nerf, it’s the current value. Those values are the mana gain per and each turn.


Many heroes give “a small amount of mana” & I wonder what that means. That is a qualitative word. What would be 5ye quantitative equivalent - how much is it in %?

I think it’s somewhere between 6-10%

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