Moan no Hero 5* from Training Camp

Hi Guys,
Is it just me, or has anybody else have Level 20 camps and received any 5* Hero’s. Have two camps for a long while now. Seem to get 3* with occasional 4*. Is it worth wasting resources only to get 3 &4*.

I understand it’s luck of the draw but find it frustrating.

Anyway, happy holidays and best wishes for 2020


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Hi @Carpe, welcome back.

I’ve had decent success from tc20 and recently finished my fourth.

You probably don’t want a me to be too smug, so I’ll just say I’ve had three 5* in the last two months and at least fifteen in total.

Keep it up, get three or four camps if you can, they will pay out :+1:

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TC20 is the best thing you can do.
Be patience.
I have 40 5* heroes from TC20.
I takes time but you will get more 5* than materials to ascend them… Believe me.
It’s a matter of time

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I have been running 4 * TC20 for the past two months or so – My goal is one of the three OTHER 5 * purples.
(Sartana, Domitia…Obakan)

In the interim… I have gotten:

Kadilen3 (ate her)

So… that’s just within 2 months of running 4xtc20

RNG can be very streaky. In 19 months of TC20 I have had one stretch of 5 months with no 5* and one stretch of 4. In the other 10 months I have pulled enough 5* (over 20) that my overall average is above 7%, somewhat better than expected. I have pulled 3 in 2 weeks and two back-to-back. The 3 in 2 weeks followed the 5 month barren stretch.

Hang in there, they will come.

Like the others said its just a waiting game. I had 38 before my first 5 but got over 15 now in about 300 pulls and had 2 back to back obakan,domitia and isarnia.kadilen and lianna came out in that same group of 10. Recently I got only 1 in last 30 collection but was getting 3 usually. I’m collecting again soon and I load up during AR until next month. Try collecting in groups it doesn’t change odds but makes getting a few 5s easier to take all those 3s with. Good luck

I run TC20x3 now mainly to try to get a full set of Season 1 5* hero with no duplicates kept. They still come in from time to time, but the ones I do not have kept eluding me.

Missing Domitia, Joon, Vivica, Leonidas, and Richard. Duplicates are still being fed off…

Been running a tc20 For 2months I open it up at Atlantis.
So far had 3 5* horgall Elena

Cheers Jonah, just a moan. Like the game really.
Will carry on.
Happy holidays


Cheers all.
Will persist.
Wish I could trade some of the hero’s I’ve got. But
That’s a. Moan for another day lol :wink:
Cheers and happy playing.

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Thread that is probably worth looking at:

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