MjBC Alliance is looking for new members!

MjBC is all fun and no pressure Alliance.

Yes you have to play every day, as well as hit titans, and fight wars.
But if you can’t some days and miss some hits we won’t kick you, or ask for explanation. We are here to play and have fun…
We fight 9* titans, we want to move forward and get to 10* and above. We do tactics in war and have some coordination, but if you can’t fight in some wars you can always uncheck the “box” “participate in wars”, and come back in again in some future war…
1800 trophies is a minimum, but we are looking for players whit 2000 and more.
If you like what you read search for us and join us, all are welcome.
За Македонци имаме и чат и ФБ група (за тие што сакаат) каде се дружиме повелете.

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