“mixing games and gambling, especially at a young age, is dangerous for mental health.”

Finally some is making a stance here. Will Empires and Puzzles be next?? :roll_eyes: :rofl:

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SG already tells you the odds of a hero summon. And they give players a tone if free chances. I’m not saying things are perfect but unlike loot boxes you can get everything in the game without spending.

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When even Square Enix resort to loot boxes on some of the best game i played without spending a penny (other then the game itself), there’s definetely something wrong with this business.


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Ohhh don’t get me wrong I absolutely hate loot boxes! But it is just the nature of the beast with modern games. At first I thought maybe i was getting older and having a (said in old man voice) "back in my day… " Moment but then just came to terms with it and work around it.

Personally I would much rather play a game on a lan with people in the same room but for a idle time killer this game is a lesser of two evils.

Interesting article. But there is something really true in it. If you are addicted to gambling and don’t get what you want from random loot boxes you spend real money until you got it, right?

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