Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy players needed!

Are you drama free, active, and mature? Do you have 2200 cups and a 4*/5* team? Are you able to do at least 50k damage to 8* and 9* titans within the 1st 12 hours? Do you want to kill 10* titans? Are you looking to add a little spice to your nuts? If you answered yes to all of these questions, Mixed Nuts – Extra Spicy is looking for you! We are currently looking to add 1 member to our Nutty Family!

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Drama free - yes
Active - addicted to this game
Mature - i hope so :smile:
2200 and 4*,5* - at the moment no, 1300-+, just got some 4* recently to work on, but I’m getting them slowly but surely
50k hit within 12H 8*,9* - I really don’t know for sure, I did 33k to a 7* in one flag, and 38k to a 6* in one flag. but I’m constantly making adjustments and improve.

Didn’t answer yes to all the questions but an exception could be made this one time and see what’s up ^.^

Hello Banutu,
How about you apply to our Mixed Nuts -Deluxe? We have good folks that can help you build on that (raids & titans!) It’s our Spicy in training group. :grinning: We also let Deluxe players spend a couple days at a time over at spicy so they can test themselves at the higher titans.

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How strict are you on the cup count? I tank cups to fill the raid chest easier so…

We’re kinda unique. We only require people to be over the 2200 cups during our pushes. All other times we’re flexible on the cups. We also merc on skipped titans, and in between the lower titans. Definitely apply at Spicy and find out more from 50, Live and the others there, or contact me on Line at AmberCoppersky for more info. I’m currently playing in our Mixed Nuts -Deluxe alliance, so you can also catch up with me there. :grinning: Hope to see you there!

hi been using your guide it is great been playing for about 4 mos my handle is cardinal27 lv 28 offense is 3277 never have missed titan. Trophys are at 1650 because my defense is 1400 have a raid winning streak of 64 have beaten 6 star
not good enough for extra spicy good enough for deluxe. what do you think?

I think you should come on over to Deluxe! I can’t be on much atm, but long enough to get you in!

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need to finish titan with current alliance first

super! looking forward to chatting!

closing this thread, and opening a new one for the whole alliance! We now have alliances for a wide range of player levels, though the basic requirements are the same for all of our main groups.

The new thread is http://tinyurl.com/NutsRecruiting

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