Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy! - Ongoing status update & recruitment thread! :swords:

Grumble, grumble…our Titan stars went up dramatically with @Tokolosh helping out…self image took a step back to “I’m kinda still a noob” so… delighted to have you as a visitor mate. :laughing:

Great job toko i miss malta on the map

Great alliance and leader :heart:

Jeedee liebe Grüße aus Deutschland…you are the best …Love uuuuuu :kissing_heart:

HI there, @Honeybee :heart:

Hello Missy :gift_heart: Nice to see you here … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Map & Members Updated!

Wow, sorry folks, I’ve been pretty MIA for a while… so much movement to note here, including myself.

Lots of new members since the last post, but a big warm welcome to the Nut House!

Reminder to those interested… Contact the big boss man on Line ID: j.d.f.


Thanks a million @Tokolosh i owe u a barrel ow aged red vintage wine by now!!

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Prince Or Darkness, Nuts get ready , Nergyyy is coming 4 yaaaa

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Sad to have you go @Bosnimf - hopefully we’ll see you again in the future.

And with that, welcome to @nergal ! We hope you enjoy your stay in the Nut House.

Map updated

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Let’s just kill,kill,kill
Thanks 4 Warm Welcome Guy’s
Happy to be Here
Prince Of Darkness Arrived :black_heart::skull_and_crossbones::black_heart::skull_and_crossbones::black_heart:

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We hope you’re enjoying your stay with us so far @nergal !!

Some update: The Penguin & @Odishi had some stuff going on in RL so need to take a small break, and with that, we welcome @CreamPeach aka someone undercover cough cough and a big welcome to Julia too. We hope you enjoy your stay at the nut house!

Map updated… reminder if you’re interested in joining grab the big boss on Line @ ID: j.d.f. @JeeDee

Thanks all.

Edit: Removed tags as it automatically tagged @Julia from KoTN sorry Julia! We have a duplicate.


Welcome to Julia and Cream Peach!

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Lots of changes, Odishi hope u return soon creamy finally arrived flights from india were suspended and last but not least julia to the rescue !!

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No problem. Then I could also get an update on everything going well in Spicy, as expected :kissing_heart:
An alliance I will personally recommend to everyone, not joining us in the North :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Map updated.

SG claims another scalp this week with the retirement of veteran nut FTG Boyke, bets of luck mate.

And with that, a warm welcome to our newest member @Epigenetic - Welcome to the Nut House good sir, hope you enjoy your stay!

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Bump… keeping it alive!

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Thanks @Missy1965 !! Keep it alive when I’m slacking :rofl:

Ok so finally I’ve updated the map folks, we’ve had a fair bit of movement over the last few weeks.

We unfortunately bid farewell to Xmerric, Ellia Kelis, System & Roda for various reasons. But a big nut welcome to the newest arrivals, Lunx, Russomate, Vandal & Cadi!

Welcome :sunglasses:

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Keep growing our nuts

That’s the part you want to grow!!! Sitting down must be a challenge!!! :coconut: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Was watching Tok rumble around the Top 3 today but he was polite and let others pass… well mannered crew.

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