Mixed Nuts - Extra Spicy! - Ongoing status update & recruitment thread! :swords:

Map updated with newest members. Post formatting improved.

Currently at 30/30, please contact us to join the wait list :+1:

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Nut Bump :crossed_swords:

Today we part ways with Kakashi, leaving a spot open. If you’re interested please get in touch and share your roster.

Since Kakashi parted ways with us, Skeletor’s evil twin Sir Bones joined the fray.
We unfortunately also had to say goodbye to @Guy also (we miss you!), and his seat was filled by a newly armed and ready Ice Cold, back in for some more action.
Then, and sadly, we, as well as KOTN, had to part ways with Censure / Prophet Of Loss, as he has retired from E&P. You will be sorely missed good sir, thanks for all that you brought to the game. All the best. He was been replaced by a returning and solid replacement: @Karabas1962 (is that you?)

Anyways, in other news… the map has been updated, and information regarding recruitment has also been amended. All applications will now go to the big boss, Line @ ID: j.d.f. - any problems getting in touch, post here I can help you reach out.

Thanks all!

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New changes coming up the poor rhino cant relax

You can relax I have to update all this stuff!

Pffff u have just to make new drawing i have a hard time finfing new players… @COCONUTZ CHASING THEM AWAY!!!

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“new drawing” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: jog on mate!!

@COCONUTZ = @henrik.sch

If they can take the heat, get out of the kitchen!!

Lots of good folks at Mixed nuts!

Map and members updated.

With Kati having parted ways with us :sob: And DJ Swa taking a short break due to work commitments.

We welcome today @Bela1 & El Rodamon! Welcome to the nut house :crossed_swords:

Map and members updated.

As we part ways with Darth Panda with @Bela1 heading back to her home, we welcome 2 new members… veteran Nut Dj Leo, and Vitore! Welcome to the Nut house.


Super-sub Ice Cold has a ton of work commitments at the moment so we say goodbye to him for now. And sadly, Old Dirty Bastard has also decided to take a long break, we hope to see you back mate.

They pave way for the return of 2 old and original spicy Nuts… welcome to @bruceforte and @xmerric

Sad to see those two go happy to welcome back home our old nuts

Update - @Vitore didn’t feel like home that’s ok man we understand. And @chelseayankees rage quit after war (!!), hope you find yourself more at home at Blazing Dawn? We will miss you, and all you brought to the Nut House mate… good luck! Always welcome back home.

Following from that, we welcome some old school veteran faces back to Nuts… massive welcoming party for @Keetsoone & @mencey - Welcome to the nut house!!! Hope you enjoy your stay.

Reminder: If you want to join the wait list please contact on Line: j.d.f. - or message here I’ll get you in touch with the big boss man.

Well said tokolosh sad and happy days

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