Mixed Nuts Alliances! Currently Welcoming Friendly, Active Players!

Hello folks!

The Mixed Nuts Alliances has now grown to the point that we have groups for a variety of player levels. We’re a helpful, friendly group that chats a lot about gameplay, strategy, and life in general. We do our best to keep the drama down, and help people grow. As folks learn they’re welcome to move up the chain of alliances to titans that are fitting their power, or move down if Life is getting in the way of their gaming.

Overall, we’re a pretty uniqe group. We do allow mercing from within our alliances, on fast kills and passes, and we don’t require people to keep their cups up all the time (though folks are asked to push their cups now and then so we can test out our power! :grin: We do have an amazing pool of knowledge, and some of the top players in the game to learn with!

**The basic guidelines for all of the alliances is the same:

  • have fun!
  • be active, and hit the titan. Ideally, let us know when this won’t happen
  • active in chat
  • follow the directions in the banner!
  • keep the drama down. Let the leaders know of issues so we can find a solution before it becomes a problem**
  • english speaking (english doesn’t need to be perfect, but we need to be able to easily communicate)

We do have an active Line community, and strongly recommend using Line at the very least to get messages from leadership, and better access to teachers/resources.

We’re not always recruiting for all the alliances, but pop up a message here, and someone should get back to you soon! You can often find MIxed Nuts members in Peer Support in the game if you have questions/want to reach us.

** Note that if you see a space open in one of our alliances, it does not necessarily mean that we have space! (Often people go visiting friends in other alliances, or are out mercing.)


Mixed Nuts - Spicy fighting 10* titans!

  • Last push by our Spicy players put us at a steady #3 on the leaderboard, and a screenshot of us in #1
  • 3300+ team power
  • A variety of strong heroes and a good forge are definitely assets!
  • be able to contribute a certain amount of damage within the first 12 hours of titan spawn
  • be able to maintain 2000+ cups whenever asked to. Able to drop cups when there’s no push called

Mixed Nuts - Deluxe fighting 8/9* titans! (9/10* soon!)

  • Last push by our Deluxe players put us at #89 on the leaderboard!
  • 2700+ team power

*Mixed Nuts - Extra Cheesy fighting 6/7 titans

  • 2400+ team power
  • as a note, this team has a strong Dutch community!
  • great place for people still trying to find a couple more 4* and higher heroes to fill out their team

Mixed Nuts - Candied fighting 8/9* titans
-3200-3500 team power

  • great place for people with strong teams that just need more levelling

Find tkristensen on line (app) hear more about candied.

Mixed Nuts - Slow Roasted

  • accepting any new and lost players!
  • learn from veterans of the game
  • move up through the Nuts Alliances if you’re interested and willing to meet our requirements
  • a lot of the learning happens on Line, so it is highly recommended! (often, this is how you get access to our best teachers)
  • must be actively growing and active in chat. We want to have people that are going to take advantage of this opportunity to learn the game
  • This is not a forever home. Once you have the game basics, you’ll have the choice of graduating into Nuts, or we’ll help you find a good alliance.

Mixed Nuts - Orig.Flavour

  • this isn’t an alliance you can apply for, but it’s good to know we have something that fills this need.
  • Nuts players that are taking a game break, but intend to come back, need a more casual level of play for a while, or folks that are going on vacation can sit their account in here.

I’m also looking to join an alliance where beginners are welcome and can learn about the game/Titans. I’ve been playing for about a month now and have a team power around 2600. I sent a request to join Slow Roasted, so please let me know if you think I’m a good fit for it.

Thank you!

oooh. You’re quite a bit stronger than we take in our Slow Roasted group. I think you’d fit in our new Candied Nuts group though! We’re just building a titan up for that group. if you have Line, contact me at AmberCoppersky. We’d be happy to have you, we’re just going to have to work together a little to co-ordinate it! :smile:

Thanks for the consideration, Coppersky! I’ll contact you through Line later today/tonight when I have more than 5 minutes to dedicate to it. :grinning:

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I see you guys up and down the ladder I’m looking to leave my alliance there in a rut like lol I average 2300 trophies team power about 3525

I would like too join

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mixed nuts mate… Great folks. Alliance in a leader board. What more do you want.

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Hello @Tbilisi!
I would love to have you join our Nutty family! With the holiday we’re keeping things simple and not trying to do many moves, but you’re welcome to go play in our new Candied group and start getting to know some of the Nuts! Currently there’s folks hanging out in there from all of our alliances. Please do mention this forum post in your request, and that Coppersky asked for you to apply to Candied for now.
Looking forward to getting to know you!

Hey don’t be messing with my Battle Toads franchise, you keeping opening alliances you messing with my royalty payments lol.


Hello I’m interested in joining your group of fun committed players . Do you have any room for a 3000+ player, higher after I level perseus, and I’m down to 1500 trophies at the moment. Fingers crossed .

I’m in! Thanks to tkristensen and everyone on line for a warm welcome .


MIxed Nuts has a new Nuts’ house to fill!

Looking for 6 active players to join this friendly group of Nuts!

This would be a great alliance for folks that are looking to find one or two more 4*s to flesh out their teams. This group has a strong Dutch community (all speak english as well), so ideally we’d love some new members from other timezones to help knock down the titans during awkward nighttime spawns.

We’re also ready to help you continue to grow beyond the basics.

Leave a message here if you have questions, otherwise go apply to Mixed Nuts - Extra Cheesy!

Mixed Nuts has a spot or two in each of our alliances right now!

Friendly, organized, and drama free.
We ask you to hit the titans regularly, but we only worry about cups if we’re doing a push to measure ourselves against our last push.

All active, friendly players welcome!
(reply here, or catch a Nut in peer support. If you apply at one of our alliances, chat with the folks there to find out more)

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Hi Coppersky
I was wondering if there is any spots left in your lower alliances? I’m lvl 13, 1524 team power with 398 trophies.


My husband and I would like to join one of your alliances, if you think one of them would suit us.

My teampower is 3286 with 1824 trophies, and my husbands teampower is 3713 with 1402 trophies atm.

We are both very active players and are sorry to see that our current alliance just is not enough for us. Our alliance is now fighting 5-6* star titans and have not succeeded in killing even a 7*.


Hello @PhoenixEverlast & @Lucine! We just welcomed a few new Nuts, and are settling them in. Let me check with my leaders to make sure I don’t promise any spots that aren’t actually there. I have a funny feeling we’re hovering around full.

Phoenix, do you feel like you have a good handle on the game, or do you need a bit more time learning the basics?

Lucine, I think our Candied or Extra Cheesy groups might work for you and your husband, depending on your teams.

I’d love to chat with you folks more directly, and on Line usually works pretty well for me. My id is AmberCoppersky



Thank you for such a quick response. :slight_smile: I’m going to have to reply to you here, don’t have Line myself. Have seen people talking about it but I suppose it isn’t that popular here in Finland. :slight_smile:

It would be really great if we fit into one of those alliances. My team is currently this


And this is my husbands


We also have some other 4* stars fully or almost maxed that we use depending on what we are playing.

Hello Lucine!
It looks like you both would do ok in our Deluxe alliance, depending on what other 4*s you have. Though right now it’s full, with a very short waiting list. Any chance you folks are mercs as well? or have some interest in mercing? (I have a cunning plan…)

Hi Coppersky!

Wow, that looks like quite a tough alliance, not sure we would be to any use there…we have played for quite a while but don’t know all the fancy stuff yet…

My other heroes are Kelile last tier lv55, Tiburtus 3rd tier lv47, Sir Lancelot 3rd tier lv52, Grimm 1st tier lv8, Caedmon 2nd tier lv47, Boril 2nd tier lv43

My husband has these fully ascended and leved to max : Wu Kong, Tiburtus, Kiril, Chao.

Also Caedmon last tier lv51, Boldtusk 3rd tier lv60, Boril 3rd tier lv60, Gormek 3rd tier lv60 and Cyprian, Rigard and Melendor that he hasn’t trained at all yet.

We are not mercs. I actually found out about the concept a while ago so I don’t fully understand it. You jump from alliance to alliance to help with titans? How do you know where to go and when? ( since we don’t use Line or any other such thing, I suppose that is one way)

Can you explain a bit or is there a thread somewhere? We are open to that idea too. :slight_smile:

@Coppersky, it is an honor to see you in my battle log!

I absolutely love your Compendium!!!
It has been my bible in the game ever since I started.

And if I can welcome such a distinguished visitor now, it certainly shows that the help and advice is very valuable indeed.

Very best regards

Sorry for OT in your recruiting thread.
But I was like “Wow! Just wow!” :slight_smile:

I am not looking for an alliance at the moment, but I would appreciate the contact :slight_smile:
line id anja2017

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