Mitsuko's reflect not working against Alasie

This is the second time today Alasie has attacked while I’ve had Mitsuko’ s reflect active but still received damage from Alasie. It seems to happen when I have used Proteus to mana freeze Alasie and nearby heroes after her mana bar is filled. Below is a screen shot after Alasie just fired and killed Vivica.

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This does seem like a bug.

Interestingly, the mana down ailment was reflected back at Alasie, but her health bar appears to be very high for her to have suffered reflected damage, unless Vivica had very low HP.

Although a video would help if you (or anyone else) can recreate this.

Pierce ignores all defense buffs if proc.

The reflect worked for the mana since it is target and nearby.


Odds of Pierce 5/5 ignoring 3 defense buffs is 1 in 64 so one of the other two heroes reflected the mana but it could bypass all 3.


Yes, exactly what I was going to post. I’ve had Alasie Pierce my reflect before, so unless you can post a pic of that team and it shows zero emblems on her, I’m inclined to think that’s what happened.


That makes sense! Gryphonknight to the rescue! :slight_smile:


I think I just had the same thing happen but I want to check that it wasn’t in fact a bug. I was using Mitsuko and Alasie with emblems and Pierce went off while I had all my heroes protected by Mitsuko. Alasie attacked Magni who was protected by Mits reflect but it went through and caused damage. The reflect did stay in place and I didn’t notice the other effects but it this the case? Pierce can go through Mits reflect? I know it can go through counter attack but wasn’t aware it would go through pierce.

I didn’t want to post a new thread since this seems to answer it. Can someone just verify?


Sounds like sgg needs to add reflect to the description of piercing.

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