Mitsuko, ZimKitty, or Santa Claus

ZimKitty is Ascension level 3 maxed out. Santa Claus and Mitsuko are still Ascension level 1. I now have all the Ascension items to take one to level four. I was looking for some advice. I am allways impressed with the answers and verried opinions of the community.

What purpose? All around, just defense, raid/war?

Mitsuko is a solution in search of a problem. You can tell by how people suggest using a red hero against blue titans. Her best use is on an offensive raid team. But, mana stealing on offense has always been counter productive because as soon as you steal mana, you’re charging the enemy up again with tiles.

Zimkitha is a utility hero scaled up to survive 5* raiding in both offense and defense. Like her compliment Zeline, Zim does little damage but has two very useful effects, attack buff & cleansing. These two are better for offense than defense but can work well on either side of a watchtower. I’m also trying her in titan raids to replace Boldtusk but it’s something of a toss up.

Santa is a very good defensive tank and is marginal in any other role. I’ve heard people speak positively about him on raid offense but they are not comparing him to any other raid specialist they’re just talking about all of the abilities he has rolled into one slow package. If he were your only 5* red that would be acceptable but you’ve got more choices. BTW, tanks are no good unless maxed. If / when you get another set of rings you should consider leveling him up. Until then Zim is your all around best option. Just don’t use her as a tank. Left flank / wing are her best roles.


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