Mitsuko vs Ursena vs Norns

Let us return to an interesting point, which I consider to be a game bug. This is a reflector of strokes and effects from Mitsuko and Ursena, they do not add up on all the heroes if applied simultaneously. And Norni (new hero of the 3rd season) has an ability against 2 colors …
I propose to make the same effect for Mitsuko and Ursena that there was a reflection sign similar to Norns and showed the colors of reflection. After all, the game will still have green, red and purple reflective heroes?

By “Norni” do you mean “Norns”?

This already is the case? The reflect symbol is colour coded to what colour is reflected:

As compared to Norns ailment:

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Exactly you can see that buff not stacks!
Its rewrite… And its a bug.

Havin them stack is a bad idea and would go against one of the basic mechanics of the game which is same effects don’t stack

Its not the same, bacause Norns get 2 colors at least.
Mitsuko and Ursena must stacks they reflection.

What comparison are you seeing between mits/ursena & norns??

I almost feel like you’re just screwin around at this point

Norns doesn’t reflect anything…?

Norns simply reverses the NATURAL ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE to tile damage… Thats all…

So Normally, Red has a 50% elemental resistance to green tiles. Blue has a 50% elemental resistance to red tiles; Green has 50% to blue. Purple & yellow have a 50% resistance to each other…
What Norns does is she removes this resistance from the target & makes it strong instead…

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I think only one instead was needed

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