Mitsuko vs Jean-Francois.. who gets the rings?

I might have been a bit harsh…but she is not fearsome on a defense. I bet she is great offensively though when you can suck mana and dump tiles into enemies with little recourse.

Yes I have been using Onatel in Offense with average to great success… or perhaps I should say… 60% to 70% win rate where she almost always become the last person standing.

She is very tough to kill. And with her Special absorbing mana dumped on enemy… she is quite a great asset. Only problem is I always look for damage dealer… and Onatel ain’t one of them.

But in Defense I have been flanking Ursena with her… and since I got her I notice a sharp drop of being attacked. Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing because this also means the only person attacking me now are those who are confident they can beat me… which is true.

Before I put Onatel flanking Ursena… I have been attacked quite a lot daily. Woke up one morning to see 9 hits and my cup drop all the way to Platinum.

Then I put Onatel… and then I increase the emblems on Ursena… and its very hard to see me being attacked at all. From 9 hits overnight falling down to around 1 or 2. I guess the combo of Onatel and Ursena do serve as great deterrent for those raiders.

Unfortunately… those 1 or 2 hits almost always won them trophies and lots of food / iron lol. And when I want to revenge them… almost all of them have Kunchen being flanked by +19 Gravemaker and a +18 Finley. :rofl:

Neither are tanks but I like JF left flank compared to the other pseudo healer.
I’m sure you have other heroes for tank. Are reds your alliance war tanks?

@Kusanagi87 don’t feel bad, at least you got him, just think how much worse you’d feel if you were at 100 pulls without him.

I had spare tokens so used 15 to grab him and 3 vanilla 5*. Otherwise, I probably would have pulled during Avalon or Atlantis.
Worst part of JF seems to be his class. Too many heroes in front of him for the emblems.

I like your middle defense of JF, Ursena, Onatel and if I have to choose emblems between the two wizards, I’d give to JF.
He’s fast vs avg mana.
He’s less defense and health compared to Ona.
Ona will usually be strong color vs holy stacks trying to get Ursena.

Add two fast snipers (Kingston, Lianna, Alasie, Alice, Misandra, Magni) to the wings and you’ll be fine.


Only 9 hits overnight? I frequently have 20+…

Yes AW red tank, and correct JF is not tank material, I’m thinking if JF is better over Anzogh. Well, if I can get him and plan to max (will decide later), then I will try to analyst which is better for AW defense. So far Anzogh is great for me, and also great for my raid defense, but next I will change my raid defense tank either Ursena or Onatel (both still at 3.70 waiting some mats).

Haha, I have the same fear sometimes when I pull for a hero and when it comes time to max them I get cold feet. You did 100 pulls for JF, he’s worth the rings, I say you just go for it :smile: I agree with some of the other posters, Mitsuko is also well worth the rings too but JF has more overall versatility in how you can use him

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I wass like this with Neith. I made 100x pulls for and before I past the ascending button I wass with this filing, and once max her and I saw that it was nothing, and I was very disappointed.

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The reflect blue for Mitsuko is actually more relevant now than when she was first released given the prevalence of great blue hitters that have joined the fray (Finley, Alice and god knows what Fenrir will be like when he is eventually released). The key is that plenty of defenses run corner blue fast hitters which is where Mitsuko shines.
JF may somewhat counter Finleys special (they all still get hit but at least they get a defensive buff) as well as Frida but doesn’t do much vs Alice/ Alasie/ Lepus/ Magni/ Rumple.
The other thing to factor in is emblems, JF is wizard with plenty of competition (Guin/ Zeline/ Hel etc) where as Mitsuko has less competition in Sorcerer category (generally comes down to Ursena or no)

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I can back this up.

The burn damage coming afterwards is actually a big positive for Ursena, as it lets her hit the +50% HP attackers at her hardest.

Put J.F. on left flank for that reason.

As flank, I’d recommend taking J.F. on the offensive path as well. His DoT can scale quite rapidly with emblems.

I find her quite annoying to face on defense. I guess we all have our own experience with her.

I love my onatel, she is awesome for me. And Idk if JF worth the mats or not, still dig the information here

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It was for that specific situation.

Ursena >> Onatel at being a tank. Onatel as a flank is pretty meh… JF however I think is a very solid tank & Burny burners are great for offence. So I think more versatile than Onatel given that Ursena is also in the mix for the OP.

Hello, does anyone know how JF+Mitsuko works? If JF has defense against blue up and mitsuko reflect up, what happens? Lol does it reflect full or reduced damage?

It reflects the dmg without the +94 def against ice.

They work great togheter


Thank you @kokokoko you the best!