Mitsuko reflected but still took damage

With Mitsuko’s reflect active I twice had a pointed Valeria do damage to her. On both occasions Valeria’s withstand ability kicked in and she was only affected by one of her two skills (bleeding once, and health steal the second). Both times Valeria also took damage from reflect. Am I missing something in the withstand ability, because both times my Mitsuko also took some damage?

I think, it is normal. Reflection doesn’t mean that a hero becomes invulnerable. It just means that a caster also receives damage. The same happens with Cyprian, Boril and Elena: they take damage but attacking hero gets hurt too.

Counterattack is different than reflect… maybe it was a ranger hero with the chance to bypass the D buff. :woman_shrugging:


It is not Riposte, it is blue color/ice element special skill reflect, which means as long as the buff active, the hero is invulnerable to direct damage/new negative effect from ice/blue heroes special skill.

Valeria is Monk not Ranger.

Valeria’s ability (Monk) does not kick in when she is attacking, it activate when she is attacked by negative status ailment such as Mitsuko’s Sorcerer ability. It seems that you attacked Valeria using puzzle which color have Sorcerer hero with emblem (Mitsuko and/or others) and Valeria withstand the negative mana regeneration effect.

What kind of damage? Direct skill damage or indirect damage from status aliment or non-skill damage?

If it is direct skill damage it might be a bug…

If it is slash damage (non-skill damage) it won’t be reflected.

If that damage is from status ailment, then did your Mitsuko already got the negative status before reflect is activated? If yes, then she will still take damage from the status ailment. But if the status ailment is applied after reflect then it’s a bug.



Thanks. I misunderstood the OP… thinking Valeria and mits were on the same team.


It seemed to be about 300 direct damage, and my Mitsuko had no ailments (only her reflect buff). Unfortunately I didn’t record the raid, since I had no idea it would happen. If I attack another Valeria I will try to document the issue.

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The WITHSTAND is only in relation to STATUS EFFECTS, not damage.

Valeria’s special has three components:

  1. a direct damage element
  2. Damage over time
  3. Healing Steal

The damage that Valeria took is that direct damage component.

Its not about Valeria taking damage but Valeria dealing damage bypassing Mitsuko ice reflect.

Hmm J read it as him using Valeria against a mitsuko

@Guvnor :sweat_smile:



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