Mitsuko or Zimkitty?

Hey everyone! My Atlantis summons had been greatly disappointing up until the very very end. I pulled and pulled and got nothing but 3* and Gobbler.

I decided to wait and get my 30 gems off VIP to do one more pull and be done with it, and I got Mitsuko!! And the ascension chest gave me my sixth mystic ring! What a wild ride! I’m in a glass box of emotion over it.

But I digress. I can now fully ascend my first 5*! My roster has Zim, Mitsuko, and Elena without any real leveling put in.

I doubt I’ll get another six rings for another year, so my 5* Red has to be versatile and worth it.

It’ll take me some time to level any of them high enough to do a final ascension, which’ll give the community more time to try out both of these heroes, however, I wanted to get some general first impressions.

Thank you in advance!! I’ll post my roster below if it’s of any help.

image image

Looks like you are working on Elena. I would get her to 3/70 and then think about what is next. Strategies for Mitsuko will surface along with videos which will help you see if she fits your style.


How about chocolate chip or strawberry pancakes? I mean both are good in there in way … someone e tell me which ones I should be eating?

I’m in the same boat, Ares and Zim are 3-70 and the Rings were going to Zim until I pulled Mitsuko.

Mitsy is going to be my tank that will take me from Plat to Diamond and keep me there. Her mana cut and blue special reflect will help me decide who flanks her.

Mitsuko is hands down the best of those 3. She’s useful in every situation with decent damage and high utility. Zim is also solid, but just not on the same level.

I don’t see any of very good 5* tanks in your roster, and Mitsuko looks to be pretty competent as a tank. (Not as good as Guin, but good)

She was apparently changed significantly since beta and wasn’t play tested in the latest version there, so I’d keep an eye out for her to be buffed or nerfed a little bit in one of the next couple major releases of the game.

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I think I’m also leaning towards Mitsuko- I could use a good tank. Ideally I’d like my team to be Joon-Rigard-Misuko-Green-Blue or something similar. I finally have a TC20, so one day I may get a good 5* blue out of it. Fingers crossed for Eve next month.

Thank y’all so much for the insight! It’s vreat to talk to the community about the different heroes.


I also got ares and mitsuko from this atlantis
Who should i level up? Havent played with any of them! I know ares is a beast, was looking for some input on Mitsuko.
Between mitsuko and inari who would you prefer?

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Mitsuko > Inari. Ares is a completely different beast as a support healer.

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@Lunx, I would level Ares before Mitsuko simply because she is a niche character with a so-so ability. Ares is a mixed bag of goodies, whatever you do with him, he’ll never let you down. I pulled two of him and an Inari, so I’ve got some work to do. Hopefully I was able to help.

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@Snowdoggydogg, I personally believe you’re making a mistake in passing up Ares for Mitsuko and quite honestly, even ZimKitty. Mitsuko is a niche character, who has a niche ability the other two are far more versatile, but Ares is the best option as tank in my opinion. If I were you, i would ascend Mitsuko to 3/70 and then decide after that which one to ascend. Maybe then there will be a better consensus of her skills in various areas of the game which could change your mind.

Thanks mate,

I’m going to follow your advice in levelling Mitsy to 3-70 like the others before I make my call.

My reservation with Ares is that he does not punish an attack that runs up tiles against him. They can just feed and dispel and repeat until their specials tear my defense apart. In Diamond that is going to be punishing.

Mitsy give me the ability to cut that mana gain while my flanks get their specials loaded to counterattack.

Zim is great too because the attack up plus cleanse.

Just my thoughts - what do you see as the pros and cons?

I see the same problem that GM has, Mitsuko on defense will use her special on the wrong heroes and the ones she needs to use it on will tear her apart. Right now you have Zeline, Panther and Domitia to name a few that could just remove her buff, and then the blue heroes can attack. Could those same heroes do that to Ares too, yes, but Ares is more tanky and would probably be able to fire off his special again. You must also take into account that Mitsuko’s reflect only works on specials, not tile damage, so if someone stacks against her, her mana cut may go off, but that isn’t a bad thing because the heroes she’s facing will just end up hurting themselves. A person playing against Mitsuko will know how to take her down, just don’t use blue specials that deal damage to the opponent. Ares on defense team doesn’t have that problem which is why I feel he is the better choice, followed by either ZimKitty or Mitsuko.

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Terrible question but who would you flank Guinever with?

Ares + Zim, Ares + Mitsy or Mitsy + Zim?

I’ve got Proteus as well and I’m thinking from a shutdown raid perspective Guin with Mitsy and Proteus flanks would turn most people off of revenge.

@Snowdoggydogg, personally, I’d do Ares and Mitsuko, but if you need to ensure your team can get a cleanse, ZimKitty.

The interesting thing about her is yes you may want to dispell her but you cant dispell when you are out of tiles and she just fired, you have no mana to activate any special, and you have a decent damage you have to deal with. Gravemaker as you cited always hits 3, maybe not the ones you want, but he is a killer on defense. Stack him with her and the tendency is to stack blues. Stack 3 reds what would you do?

Lets see how she fares as a tank.
But i think the beauty is in letting her and Guin do the work + gravemaker.
She seems very interesting!

Inari puts you in a position you cant fire with any heroes, or there’s trouble. Mitsuko cuts your mana, deals decent damage, and you cant fire blue.

Usually when we get our heroes specials up our tiles are gone on the board, so if she survives a blue stack and heroes specials are up they cant fire on her or any flanks. And not on firing the flaks or tank is trouble!

I’m not a big fan of using double reds around Guin. Invites a blue stack, which isn’t strong against Guin but against which she poses no special difficulty,

I’m also not a fan of a “double tank” strategy. Ares shines as a tank and in certain offenses, but I don’t like him on flank.

That leaves the Mitsy + Zim.

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Or perhaps Mitsy + Proteus. That would be a lot of mana cutting. Fast snipers in the corners and I reckon that’s a shut down defense team.

Edit. Proteus until I win the lotto and pull a Hel.

@Lunx, if Mitsuko is on defense then the AI will have control of her special, which means she may hit a hero in position 1 or 5. On offense she may not have that problem because a person is controlling her, but on defense GM does it all the time and he ends up hitting the wrong hero. She may end up doing the same.

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