Mitsuko/Mad Hatter Bug?

I was in a raid when I used Mitsuko allowing her special to go off against Hatter and other enemies. Their Hatter then went and stole Mitsuko’s reflect for Blue special skills. That is to be expected. However, when I then attacked with blue tiles it took Magni’s health down and said Reflect across Hatter and others as the tiles hit. This shouldn’t happen as it doesn’t resits all damage but only BLUE special skills.
I have only seen this once so far but if someone could possibly reproduce it and confirm it that would be great. It is possible it was a one time thing but if it is a bug I hope it can be fixed.

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Seems like a bug. Her SS description says she reflects “status effects and 115% damage from Ice Special Skills” but tile damage is neither status effect nor damage from SS.

If it didn’t stole even a counterattack effect then it’s a bug.
Do you have any screenshot of this?

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No, unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot. This was the first time I faced Hatter using Mitsuko. I will try to take a shot next time I run into one. If I don’t find one in a raid I guess I can get shots or it can be quickly tested in the Wonderland event.

I have a Mitsuko, I will try to find a Hatter and do a Video.

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Well I am a little confuse here, shouldn’t it as intended?
I don’t have Mitsuko, but just read the last part of her card
That last part was what The hatter probably stole!

No she reflects the SPECIAL SKILL not the tile damage. She is great for letting the blue hero’s kill themselves once they use their skill but she DOES NOT reflect the tiles which is what seemed to happen with the raid I did.

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The last part says “reflect status effects and 115% damage from Ice Special Skills”. But the enemies started reflecting tile damage which isn’t special skill damage.

O h I see, looks buggy then.

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