Mitsuko isn't in the Atlantis Summon (not featured)

Supposedly, with this version of the game, Atlantis heroes other than the featured two Atlantis heroes are in the Atlantis summon. (With incredibly low odds, but still there.)

Mitsuko is absent from the list of possible heroes this month.

She won’t be in the portal until next Atlantis. Atlantis heroes have three rotations before they hit the hero pool with .2% odds.

Well, technically each hero appears twice with featured odds, but there’s three phases of them before hitting the main pool.

Misandra & Tarlak

Tarlak & Mok-Arr

Misandra & Mok-Arr

First Atlantis with Inari and Mitsuko:
The previous drop to .2% and added to the main pool outside of featured

Mitsuko & Inari

Mitsuko & Kageburado

Inari & Kageburado

First Atlantis with the Atlantis Family Heroes:
The previous drop to .2% and added to the main pool outside of featured


@RandaPandah that’s a good explanation of what is happening, I guess…

In that case the bug isn’t that Mitsuko isn’t available … the bug is that the description of the non-featured pool of legendary Atlantis heroes is misleading.


There are four featured heroes right now, Kageburado, Inari, Delilah, and Thoth-Amun

Mitsuko is not one of them and she is an Atlantis 5*. So I would expect her in the pool as this is written.

(I don’t care if she is in the pool or not; I was lucky enough to get her last month. I only went looking for her to get a screenshot of her maxed card)

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Here ya go


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